New 2010 Lineup for Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes

The acquisition of the Sevylor and Stearns lines by Coleman in October 2007 was not without its bumps. Design changes to several of the Stearns inflatable kayaks were a few steps back, while quality control issues and lack of parts plagued some of the Sevylor models.

Recently, the blending of the three watersports lines appears to finally be settling down.

For 2010, Coleman has consolidated their inflatable kayak and canoe line under the Sevylor brandname, moving the Stearns line towards PFDs and towables. According to Coleman’s kayak and canoe product manager, they have also moved production to another plant to address the quality control issues.

While many of the basics are the same, the entire line has a fresh new look, feature an “airtight” guarantee, and of course, new pricing. The standard valves have been replaced with Double Lock/Mini Double Lock valves, a proprietary valve used in the Coleman Airbed line, purported to be easier to inflate and deflate. The “mini” replaces the pinch valve. Coleman claims this give a 14% better retension than the Boston valve.

Here is the 2010 line up, which should be available the beginning of February:

The ever-popular two-person 10′ 9″ Colorado Canoe has a new look, some valve changes and larger motor mount grommets. Weight limit 500 lb and an MSRP of $449.99 in blue (#3441) and hunter green (#3631). The Rio one-person inflatable canoe features the same new look at an MSRP of $369.99 – weight limit 350lbs and 9’10” length.

The 10′ 8″ Fastback (#3415) one person inflatable kayak is a crossover from the original Coleman inflatable kayak line. It features 30 gauge PVC with woven nylon cover, integrated dual bladder hydration system, water resistant pouch and retractable spray deck. Weight limit 300 lbs, MSRP $349.99

The Pointer K1 and K2 inflatable series features a rigid bow and stern, ABS structural frame to assist in shedding water, and integrated rear cargo hatch with cover. New features include a change to the new valves, heavier-gauge PVC bladders and an updated look. The single person K1 (#3419) is 10’5″ long with a weight limit of 300 lbs, MSRP $379.99. The double person Pointer K2 (#3424) can be paddled solo or double, featuring an optional spray skirt and spray deck attachment system. Length 14’2″, weight limit 600 lbs with an MSRP of $449.99.

The Sport self-bailing inflatable kayak model now comes in two sizes – the one person Sport SK100DS (#3423) and the two-person SK200DS (#3422). The 3+ person Ocean kayak version has been discontinued. Both models feature an updated look, padded seats, 10PSI drop-stitch floor, military spring valves. The Sport single is 10′ long with a payload of 400lbs, MSRP $599.99. The two person version can also be paddled solo, is 13′ long with a max load of 650 lbs. MSRP $799.99.

Another cross-over from the Coleman line is the entry-level non-covered Sit-on-Top in one and two paddler sizes. The inflatables are PVC with dual tracking fins, recessed compartments, the new Double Lock valves. The single-person (#3407) is 8’8″ long, weight limit of 395 lbs with an MSRP of $79.99. The two-person version (#3406) is 13’1″ long with a weight restriction of 595lbs, and an MSRP of $139.99. Both of these options include paddles.

For those looking for a more durable sit-on-top, Sevylor has updated the one and two person covered inflatable Sit-on-Top models – these replace the discontinued Coral Sea Diveyak as a diving option. Each has heavy-duty polyester decks, foot rests, stretch cargo net and the new valves – also with a fresh new look. The Sit-On-Top Single (#3411) is 8’8″ long with a weight limit of 250lbs and MSRP of $159.99.The two-person Sit-on-Top (#3417) is 11’7″ with a capacity of 395 lbs, MSRP $249.99.

The two-person Sevylor Sportfisher (#3421) is now in a hunter green color. It comes with a detachable transom and the option to use up to a 4HP motor. Dimensions are 12’10 inches with a payload of 700 lbs, and can be paddled as a double or solo. MSRP $ 899.99.

Last (and latest) in the lineup is the Samoa Standup Inflatable Paddleboard (#3420). This popular model features a 10-12 PSI board, an updated color scheme, tracking fins, backpack for easy portability. Length is 10’10” with a weight capacity of 250lbs and an MSRP of $799.99.

The new models are expected by mid-February, at which time we will inspect and test each to get a better idea of any design/structural changes. Stay tuned for future updates!


  1. Hi,

    When would the new model of Fastback and Pointer K1&2 be available to buy?
    Is there any other post or website I can check the detailed features of them?

    I live in Sydney and found Fastback is in stock in coleman australia. I was wondering when the new models would be updated here.


    1. Hi Marvin:
      We should have them within the next couple of weeks, at which time we will go through each one to check on specs/take photos. I don’t know of any other website that might help you, as the only info we have to-date is what has been released by the manufacturer.
      Check back and we’ll put info up as it arrives!

    2. many thanks for this article. You seem very knowledgeable and I wonder if you can help me with a dilemma: I’m new to Kayaking and I ‘d like to get an inflatable for me and my wife and my 5 yr old son. Not sure if either of them will like it. Now, I’ve got my eye on a Sevylor Tahiti 109 – a 3 man boat and 12ft 2 inches. In the UK it costs £129. However, I’ve just seen a Sevylor Colorado which seems like a better boat and sells in the UK for £300 on sale (because it’s been on display in the shop) for £130! I like the idea but it’s 9ft 10 inches with 2 seats – and I’m not sure if it will be big enough to fit all three of us in. Do you think that it will fit all 3 of us in? What would you do?
      Thanks. Colin

      1. Hi Colin:
        I am not at all familiar with the Tahiti line, we don’t carry it. But, yes, I think the Colorado is much better quality and it is a big seller. But, I don’t think the Colorado will work so well for three, as the Colorado has “inflatable bases” on the floor where the seats attach. So, there is not much leeway in moving the seats around to allow for a small child, unless you were to put him in the back, which I don’t think you want to do.

        Secondly, are you sure it is a Colorado? I ask as the one-person Rio is 9’7 inches and the 2-person Colorado is 11 feet.
        Hope that helps a bit.

  2. hello, I have broken my colorado and need replacement parts (actually the tube at the bottom of the canoe collapsed and now is a cylinder) where can I find a replacement pls? thanks

  3. How can I tell the difference between the new Colorado and the old? I have seen so much conflicting info. What is a rock solid way?


    1. What are you calling the “old” Colorado? Definitely, the two-tone (blue/gray or green/gray) canoes are the new Coleman version with the double jumbo lock valves. The solid green or solid blue were previous models.

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