Update – New 2010 Lineup for Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes

Since we posted the blog on “New 2010 Lineup for Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes,” we have received updated info from Coleman (parent company to the Sevylor line).

Coleman initially estimated their entire line to be available end of January/mid February.

We understand that the new 3423/3422 Sport (SK100DS and SK200DS) and the 3421 SportsFisher inflatable kayaks will not be arriving – in fact, Coleman does not have orders in place. While the 2009 models for each of these are still currently available, we will not be stocking them due to the high number of quality control issues we have experienced (slow-leaking bladders, welding issues). Coleman has assured us that these problems have been solved by moving production to another location, so we will wait for the 2010 models. In particular, the SportsFisher is a great kayak, so we hope to be able to carry it in the future.

The updated version of the Pointer K1 should be available mid-February, while the Pointer K2 will arrive in mid March. Current 2009 versions of both are still available, but due to quality control issues (bladders splitting/lack of replacement parts) we will also be waiting for the new models.

Estimated arrival dates:
In transit: The new Samoa Standup Paddle Board is in stock and in transit!
Mid February: New Covered Sit-on-Top inflatables for one and two persons, Pointer K1.
Late February: The new Colorado and Rio inflatable canoes will be available the third week of February – the current blue model is in stock and in transit.
Mid March: Pointer K2 and the Fastback.

Once again, as these arrive we will inspect and test each to get a better idea of any design/structural changes.  Stay tuned for future updates!

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