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Video: AirFusion Inflatable Hybrid Kayak from Advanced Elements The Advanced Elements AirFusion inflatable hybrid kayak is a true winner - it looks great, feels good, performs beautifully and it's fast!

Better late than never?

As promised, we’ve uploaded our first video on the AirFusion kayak from Advanced Elements.  No bells and whistles, no eskimo rolls, no big ocean waves, just the basics. We will followup with a more detailed set-up video, done with the aid of Ryan Pugh, Product Designer at Advanced Elements.


  1. Given you’re doing the next video with the aid of the Advanced Elements product designer, would that video also include the after market rudder system mentioned in the December 2009 post then? 😮
    (I am very interested in this boat and especially in combination with a windpaddle – a rudder just might be the key to reaching while using the paddle for bracing)

    1. Sorry, it won’t – Advanced Elements has been considering testing an aftermarket rudder system, but has not come out with one yet. Possibly the Sevylor SVX Rudder assembly could work, but we’ve not tried it out yet – nor have we had a chance to test it with the Windpaddle or the new Advanced Elements Rapidup sail. Hopefully next month.

  2. This boat looks great! I have a couple of questions:

    1) would it be safe to leave the kayak partially assembled but deflated between trips? I’m not sure I would want to do the entire process every time I go out, but I’d like it to fit in my car.

    2) does the skin absorb water and get heavier when wet? one thing I like is the weight, and I’d be bummed if it was actually closer to 50 lbs when wet.


    1. Yes, it is fine to leave it partially assembled/deflated. Just look at the longest length (tubes) for storage in your car or truck.
      No, the skin does not absorb water. Only weight increase due to water would be if you left it inflated, tubes apart to collect water, or to accumulate in crannies.
      Thanks for the questions!

    1. Yes, they would be. The best for ocean touring would be the Expedition and the Convertible. Calmer ocean days, the AirFusion would be fine, as well as the AdvancedFrame.

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