Sneak Preview: New RapidUp Sail from Advanced Elements

Just in time for the summer sailing season! Advanced Element’s new AE2040 RapidUp Sail is a compact and fast deploying down-wind kayak sail.

Its curved frame mounts to the deck of the kayak and can be deployed or stowed on the fly. Engineered to work with the AdvancedFrame, Dragonfly and Lagoon series of inflatable kayaks. Featuring a clear center and side viewing panels, and carrying case.

Too much wind? Simply drop the sail.

Comes with a small carrying pouch. MSRP is $79.99 – and the Rapidup is expected to sail into port on April 15th – we hope to begin shipping the week of April 18th.

Once it arrives, we’ll be testing it out on our trusty AdvancedFrame. For more details see

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