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Ten gallons of stuff in a one gallon container?

A new use for an Advanced Elements Dragonfly - Lagoon kayak as a dive flag!

We were intrigued when customer Daniel Gzimalowski forwarded a picture of his Advanced Elements DragonflyXC (Lagoon) kayak with gear.

Where was it all going to fit!

As Daniel explained, “The dragon fly is my staging area for my dive gear. I tow the dragon fly behind me to the area where I’m going to dive. Don all equipment and then ascend down to about 35 to 45 feet tethering my dragon fly inflatable to me by a yellow spool gun…..the dragon fly is my dive flag and life line.

A new use for a Dragonfly/Lagoon, and it works. Success!

Can’t wait to see what he can do with his new Dragonfly2 kayak. Daniel, it’s on the way!

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