New Product – Windpaddle Scout Kayak & Canoe Sail

WindPaddle has recently added a new entry-level recreational model to their kayak/canoe sail line with a lower price-point!

At an MSRP of $139, the Windpaddle Scout sail is intended for the recreational solo kayak paddler. It features the same one-meter footprint as the current 42″ Adventure sail, but at a slightly lesser weight of 12 oz. A softer batten makes it slightly easier to coil and fold, and is good for winds in the 4-15 knot range.

The WindPaddle Scout:

  • Lightest weight at 12 ozs.(0.34 kg.)
  • Softer batten with easier coiling/folding.
  • Good for winds 4-15 knots
  • Deployed diameter – 42″ (106.7 cm.)
  • Coiled/folded diameter – 15″ (38.1 cm.)
  • Sail area – 9.62 sq. ft. (0.8937 sq. m²)
  • Colors – Red, blue, orange, green or yellow with white stripe

For those interested in a little more excitement, the current Adventure and Cruiser Expedition lines can be used in wind conditions of 6 to 25/30 knots. Featuring a stiff “expedition-grade” perimeter batten, the sails can “reach” off-the-wind up to an 180 degree angle.

Windpaddle has also released a new orange/white/orange color for the Adventure line to fill out the current palette of red, blue, yellow, green and pink, and dropped the MSRP prices slightly for both the 42″ Adventure and 56″ Cruiser, to $169 and $219 respectively.

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