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Video: Rapidup Kayak & Canoe Sail from Advanced Elements  The Advanced Elements RapidUp kayak/canoe downwind sail is pure paddling fun. Compact, portable, easy to setup. Clip it to your kayak before your next paddling trip and you can be ready for wherever the wind takes you!

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  1. The RapidUp Sail works great on Advanced Elements kayaks. I have had a “blast,” indeed, using this sail on my AE Expedition – the stronger the wind and waves, the better. What about the Windpaddle sails that you sell? Would they work as well? According to my figuring, they have different areas for catching the wind, depending on the model; but the RapidUp has a lot of area and works well with AE products. Since you sell both kinds of sails, do you have any “druthers”? Is the RapidUp best for Advanced Elements? Sorry to put you on the spot.

    1. Hi Lee:
      I get asked that quite a bit. Here is my take:
      1) The Rapidup sail surely is very good for the Advanced Elements kayaks, as it has been designed to fit their hull. It is also very easy to paddle while “sailing”, which is convenient.
      2) Nick Wiltz of Windpaddle says that you can also paddle while sailing with a Windpaddle, but, I have not tried it. It should be more of a learning curve, as the sail is not ratcheted as closely to the vessel.
      3) The nice thing about the Windpaddle is that you can do a certain amount of downwind tacking, as opposed to the Rapidup, for the opposite reason of point #2.
      4) Regarding wind/sail area, that would also depend on which Windpaddle – the Adventure is 42 inches in diameter and the Cruiser is 50% larger at 56 inches in diameter.
      Hope that helps!

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