Bic Sports – Inflatable Kayaks & Accessories for 2011

Bic Sports – maker of the Yakkair series inflatable kayaks – will be introducing two new kayaks in early 2011, as well as some new accessories.

The Yakkair-2 Nomad is a 16′ 5″ inflatable high-pressure kayak with the ability to hold up to two adults and two children. Kayak weight is 40 lbs, and has a max payload of 550 lbs. Construction and features are the same as the standard Yakkair 2. The Nomad will include the two person spray deck as part of the package. MSRP $1499.95.

The Yakkair-2 Angler is similar to the Yakkair 2 in construction and size – 13.5 ft high-pressure hull with integrated keel system – but sporting a camouflage/khaki design. Featuring 3 seating positions for solo and tandem fishing/paddling, the kayak also includes seats with fishing holders. Kayak weight is 33 lbs, max payload 550 lbs, MSRP $1149.95.

For accessories, Bic is introducing a new “instant” kayak sail kit, available in either blue or yellow, which clips to the kayak. MSRP is $99.

Two new deluxe kayak backrests are also available, featuring thick neoprene, padded for maximum comfort. The Deluxe Fishing backrest includes fishing rod holders and storage (MSRP $79.95),

while the Deluxe Adventure has an extra-high back for support (MSRP $199.95).

Rounding out the accessories are two new waterproof storage bags in two sizes – medium and large – featuring a rolltop design with side pockets and shoulder straps.

Bic Sports will continue offering their current line of four inflatables, which includes the Yakkair1 HP and Lite as well as the Yakkair2 HP and Lite.

The Yakkair-1 HP (Model Y1001) is a 10′ 9″ high pressure inflatable with an integrated keel system suitable for one paddler. Kayak weight is 30 lbs with a payload of 242 lbs. Comes with backpack, seat, foot rest, pump and repair kit with an MSRP of $799.

The Yakkair-2 HP (Model Y1003) is also a high pressure inflatable with integrated keel. The 13 ‘ 5″ kayak features 3 seating positions, allowing the kayak to be paddled both solo and tandem. Kayak weight is 35 lbs with a max load of 550 lbs. Comes with backpack, two seats, foot rest, pump and repair kit with an MSRP of $999.

New for 2010 and continuing in the lineup, were the Yakkair Lite kayaks. The Yakkair-1 Lite (Model Y1002) is a low pressure, one-person inflatable, measuring 10′ 9″ with a weight of 24 lbs and a max load of  242 lbs. Comes with backpack, seat, pump and repair kit with an MSRP of $599.

The Yakkair-2 Lite (Model Y1003) is designed with three seating positions, allowing it to be used by one or two paddlers. Featuring a low-pressure hull and measuring 13′ 5″, the kayak weighs 36 lbs and has a max load of 550 lbs. Comes with backpack, seats, pump and repair kit with an MSRP of $799.

An optional foot rest can be purchased for the Yakkair Lite versions for $29.95

All the inflatable kayaks in the Bic Sports lineup can utilize an optional fabric spray deck, keeping the paddler(s) drier/warmer in choppy weather. Two sizes – the solo version has an MSRP of $49.95 while the tandem version is $89.95 – this comes standard with the new Nomad.

An anodized, 220cm, four-piece breakdown paddle with drip rings and safety color blades also rounds out the lineup. MSRP $79.95

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