The Inflatables Market – Upcoming Price Increases for January 2011

We thought we would give a heads up on some upcoming price increases and changes effective in 2011.

Higher labor and manufacturing costs have resulted in several manufacturers raising their wholesale/MSRP pricing. Additionally, UPS and the USPS have their annual price increase on all shipments effective Jan. 1. Forewarned is forearmed – if you have been planning on buying, this next week may be the time to still save money.

Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements will be increasing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) on their kayak line from 5-10%, with the exception of the newly released Hula SUP. Accessories will be staying the same with the exception of the Rapidup sail; the new MSRP will be increasing 25% to $99.99. New kayak prices are as follows:

Firefly     AE1020    229.99

Lagoon    AE1031    339.99

Lagoon2    AE1033    469.99

Sport    AE1017    419.99

AdvancedFrame    AE1012    469.99

Expedition    AE1009    629.99

Convertible    AE1007    699.99

StraitEdge    AE1006    599.99

StraitEdge2    AE1014    849.99

StraitEdge Canoe    AE1008    569.99

AirFusion    AE1040    849.99

Hula    AE1010    799.99

Airis Inflatables

To-date we expect pricing increases, but these have not been announced.

Bic Sports

Bic will also be increasing the prices on some of their inflatable kayaks. The Yakkair Lite series will be remaining the same, while the standard hi-pressure Yakkair line will be increasing 10-12%. Accessories will be staying the same. New kayak MSRP prices:

Yakkair Lite    Y1002    649.95

Yakkair           Y1000    899.95

Yakkair2 Lite  Y1003    799.95

Yakkair2         Y1001    1099.95

Cannon Paddles

As a US-based, family-owned company, it is remarkable that Cannon has managed to maintain their prices over the past couple of years. We have not heard of any pricing increases for 2011 to date.

Conquest/Solution for Sports

The Conquest Dyad will be increasing roughly 10% to a new MSRP of $549.

Maxxon Inflatables

There has been no announcement on pricing increases on the Maxxon line.

MTI Adventurewear

The MTI PFD line appears to be maintaining their pricing level. This year, MTI is coming out with many new products while retiring some old standards – we will be highlighting them in the next month.


As previously mentioned, Coleman bought out the Sevylor/Stearns line and has consolidated all inflatables under the Sevylor name. In November we announced the new lineup and pricing for 2011 – since then, there has been an additional 5% increase. New MSRP pricing:

3406    Sit On Top Uncovered 2 –  $146.99

3419    Pointer 1 –  $395.99

3630    Rio Hunt Fish Canoe – $385.99

3631    Colorado Hunt Fish Canoe –  $468.99

6972    K5 Quik Pak –  $312.99

6973    K3 Quik Pak  –  $208.99

6974    Sit on Top Uncoverd 1 –  $135.99

5995    Fastback –  $343.99

3420    Samoa SUP –  $832.99


Windpaddle is one of the few manufacturers to actually have a pricing decrease – slight, but still a decrease. The Adventure sail went from $175 to $169.95 while the Cruiser went from $225 to $219.95. Additionally, Windpaddle came out with their new value sail, the Scout, at $139.95.

Shipping Costs:

UPS is announcing a roughly 5% increase in domestic and international shipping fees. But … they are also instituting more stringent dimensional weight fees. What does this mean? Large, lightweight items will cost much more to ship than the actual weight. For international purchases, this will factor out to roughly a 5-10% increase in shipping costs, dependent on size and weight.

The increases to USPS pricing domestically are fairly minimal. In fact, dependent on location, some international pricing is actually going down a few percent.

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