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Product Review: Kayak Dolly Cart AE3010 from Advanced Elements

When recently putting together a review of Advanced Elements’ largest kayak – the 15 foot Convertible – we had the  opportunity to try out the new Advanced Elements Dolly Cart AE3010. This is a marvelous little contraption that  makes life much easier when hauling around larger kayaks and gear – and even breaks down to store on-board.

The Dolly Cart consists of a collapsible frame, two oversized rubber wheels and four straps in a small carrying case.

While there are no instructions, set up is pretty simple – open up the frame, pull back the cotter pin and slip on the wheel, let the cotter pin fall back into place, lift up one end of the kayak and center the body over the frame.

There are two sets of side straps which work by threading the one long end through the opposing buckle, then pull taught.  Make sure the kayak is well centered over the wheels.

I was surprised how smoothly the dolly moved the kayak through both hardpack and grass, but now the real test – getting the kayak and gear down a steep 10 foot rock wall to get to the beach.

Slightly skeptical, I headed over the wall and was amazed at how easily it travelled over the wall and through sand. An integrated kickstand allows you to stabilize the kayak.

Breaking down is also quite simple – open the straps, flip the cotter pin open, remove the wheels and shut the frame. Make sure to replace the cotter pins on the end of the frame, so they don’t get lost. Put it back into the carrying case – you can then put it back in your car or slip it under the bungee cord on the kayak.

Pulling the kayak back up the wall was slightly harder, but all-in-all pretty easy. Much simpler than a number of trips back and forth carrying paddles, pumps, life vests, dry bags, equipment, etc.

Here are the details:

Assembled size in inches: 23″ wide x 13″ tall, 13″ wide x 10″ deep for the “bed” when opened.
Disassembled: Wheels 10 inches in diameter by 4 inches deep. Frame 23 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 3 inches deep.
Straps: Non-buckling side 54 inches in length, Buckling side 23 inches in length.
Storage bag (clear front, nylon back, zippering top and carrying handles) – 24 wide x 10 tall x 5 inches deep in size.
Max weight load: 200 lbs

Weight in bag 7.3 lbs.

This is a great option for those that need to portage some distance – particularly if alone or with lots of gear.  It can be used with both inflatables and hard shells – in fact, with creativity, one could find a myriad of uses. The only item to note is the initial “rubber smell” – referred to by one customer as “eau de China” – that either dissipates with time, or you get used to it.

For more details on the AE3010 Kayak Dolly Cart, watch our YouTube video


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