Sneak Preview: New 2012 Airis Sport Inflatable Kayak from Walker Bay

Walker Bay’s Airis Inflatables line is back with the introduction of the popular Sport 11 6.5PSI high-pressure inflatable kayak!

The new 2012 Sport 11 combines features of the 12 foot Velocity kayak. And according to the manufacturer, the newly redesigned Sport is lighter, more rigid and performs better than ever.

While the stated beam width is 31 inches, the rest of the kayak is tapered, shaving off some weight. According to Sean Smith, sales manager at Airis, “You will note we kept the seating area wide enough to maintain the stability of the previous model while stretching the boat out to maximize performance. There is no question that this boat tracks better and is faster then the previous model. I did not notice any difference in stability, if anything I think it is actually more stable due to the width at the seating area. I was able to stand up and paddle this version very easily.”

The seating area was also moved slightly forward, allowing for more even weight distribution across the kayak.

Redesigns allow the kayak to be rolled into a smaller footprint, making it easier to fit into the backpack. These include

  • Fabric handles at the bow and stern
  • Replacing the integrated drybag with a bungee deck lacing system.
  • Removable floor chamber
  • Two integrate foot braces.
  • Three inflation chambers instead of two.
  • Tapered width means less material.

Airis inflatable kayaks are best known for the proprietary High Pressure AirWeb construction (patent pending) featuring a heavy duty, seven layer polymer coated fabric that is joined inside by thousands of drop-stitch fibers. The AirWeb technology makes it possible to inflate Airis kayaks to more than 6.5 PSI or 0.45 bar, up to six times the maximum air pressure of other inflatable kayaks. This creates a hull that is incredibly rigid and durable without the use of complicated frame parts, and keeps the assembly of Airis kayaks quick and simple.

Other features include four carrying handles, splash guard and eight d-rings on the kayak; four of them are stainless steel.

Length: 11″/335cm
Width: 33″/84cm
Total Kayak Weight: 19 lbs/9.7 kg
Air Chambers: 3
Capacity: 1 person max load 250 lbs/113kg
Storage Dimensions: 27″ x 18″ x 13″

The Airis Sport kayak comes with the AirPack backpack, high-pressure hand pump with gauge, repair kit and instructions. Available in mid April, 2012 at for $1099, or $1149 with paddle.

Please note: This post was updated on 3/14/12 with details on last minute design changes. Deluxe seat – shown in the two bottom photos – is not included. The standard cloth seat as shown in the top image, comes with the kayak.

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  1. This looks great! I seriously hope you also redesign the Airis Angler and reintroduce it as well. In fact, you don’t have to redesign it at all. Just offer it again and I’ll buy a new one.

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