Update – Newly Redesigned 2012 Sport 11 Kayak from Airis Inflatables.

We recently wrote about the newly redesigned 6.5 PSI High-Pressure Sport kayak from Airis Inflatables of Walker Bay.

A few last minute changes were made before the Airis Sport went into final production. They are noted as follows:

  • The stiffer deluxe seat is no longer part of the package. Instead the standard cloth seat will be included.
  • The kayak length has been extended 6 inches to 11 feet, making it the Sport 11.
  • There are now three inflation chambers instead of two.
  • The removable skeg has been replaced with the original integral, oversized tracking fin.

The kayak is still on target to arrive around the second week of April. See the updated details on the new 2012 Sport 11 from Airis Inflatables.

The Airis Play 9 and Play Tandem are scheduled to follow in early summer, stay tuned for details or visit the website at

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  1. Spent the day trying out the Air Fusion skeg by Advanced Elements for thier Air Fusion kayaks… It’s awesonme… I’ll never hit the water without my Air Fusion + Skeg… Holly you rawk!

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