Adjustable AE4003 Foot Peg System from Advanced Elements now available!

Now in stock! The Advanced Elements AE4003 Adjustable Foot Peg System!

The foot peg works on the AdvancedFrame series of kayaks (AdvancedFrame, Sport, Expedition, Convertible) as well as the Lagoons, DragonflyXCs and StraitEdge2 kayaks, but it will work on any kayak which features separate side chambers from the floor chamber, dependent upon tube size. Each peg has two straps which cinch around the kayak side tubes, and a lever system allowing one to slide the foot peg into one of several positions.

  • Strap length: 28 inches approximately
  • Foot peg increments : 1 inch increments over a 10 inch span
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs both pegs total (0.925 lbs each)
  • Length: 21″ x 4″ x 5″ each peg

Price: $59.95. intro special – 10% off through April 30, 2012. Use coupon code 10%OFF at checkout. For more info or to see the instruction manual, see the website at

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