New Product: Accent Kauai 230cm Carbon or Fiberglass 4pc Kayak Paddles

Just arrived!  With a larger blade surface, lightweight shaft and Loktite adjustable feathering, the new 230cm Kauai 4pc breakdown paddle from Accent takes a powerful stand against the stronger waves encountered while touring.

An advanced dihedral blade designs makes propelling and maneuvering easier, while the Kauai’s increased paddle thrust pulls you through the water.

The Kauai features the Loktite adjustable feathering ferrule – simply loosen the angle selector, select one of 24 blade angles in 15 degree increments and then tighten the angle selector. Adjustable blade angles range from 90 degrees LH (left hand) to 90 degrees RH (right hand) in 15 degree increments.

With an incredibly low swing weight, these paddles provide exceptional efficiency with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings longer while providing you maximum return with each stroke.

The new Kauai is available in both fiberglass (FGX) and carbon (CBX) and breaks down into four pieces, perfect for travel. Blade size is 7 x 18 inches, with a longest breakdown length of 26.5 inches. The Fiberglass FGX weighs 40 oz. and retails for $129. The Carbon CBX weighs 35 oz. and retails for $189.

AirKayaks intro special – take 10% off the purchase of either the Kauai Fiberglass FGX or Kauai Carbon CBX paddles, now through June 30, 2012. Use coupon code 10%OFF at checkout. For more details, see the Accent Paddle lineup on the website at

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