Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks Product Line Up for 2013

In the past month, we’ve released preview information on two new inflatables from the Advanced Elements line – the AirFusion Elite and the new inflatable ISUP – the Stiffy. In addition to these two, this summer Advanced Elements introduced the Attack, an inflatable self-bailing kayak specifically geared toward whitewater through Class III. And in 2013, Advanced Elements will be offering the Hula 8 – an 8 foot scaled down version of the Hula 11 – for kids and smaller adults.

The StraitEdge Canoe AE1008 as well as the Adaptour adjustable kayak paddle, have been retired.

While material and labor costs have continued to increase, the pricing structure should be pretty stable, with minimal increases over 2012.

Following is a preview of the new products – inflatables as well as accessories – that Advanced Elements fans can look forward to:

AE1041Y – AirFusion Elite. The new AirFusion Elite from Advanced Elements takes the popular, current model AE1040 AirFusion inflatable kayak to the next level, simplifying the setup time by removing the side poles. Other advances include a wider beam of 28” which makes the AirFusion Elite roomier, more stable in rough conditions, and gives it more storage capacity by providing a rear access hatch for easy access to under deck items – also more interior legroom for taller paddlers. MSRP $899.

AE1061 – Stiffy Inflatable SUP. A 10-PSI inflatable board incorporating removable aluminum support shafts along the side of the board. This revolutionary new feature gives extreme rigidity, yet still allows the board to be packed down and transported in the included duffel bag. 11′ L x 30″ wide, 32 lbs with a capacity of 230lbs. Folded size 34 x 19 x 9″. Comes with single-action hand pump, pressure gauge, repair kit, valve adaptor, 3 removable tracking fins. MSRP $1099.

AE1060 – Hula 8 Inflatable SUP. A smaller version of the Hula 11 – with a 155 lb capacity, it’s perfect for kids and smaller adults. 8 ft x 30 inch width, 16.5 lbs. Comes with single action pump, pressure gauge, repair kit, valve adaptor and 3 removable tracking fins, duffel bag. MSRP $799

AE2033 SwitchIt Adjustable Fiberglass SUP Paddle. Originally planned for the 2012 market, production issues held up the release. A three-piece breakdown SUP paddle with two blades – a wide surface power blade of 15.5″L x 8.75″W, and a narrow tear-drop shaped high-cadence blade (20″L x 7.75″W). Adjusts from 170 to 210cm. Weight 44-46oz. MSRP $149.99

AE2043 – Dura-Floor. A rugged foam floor designed to be installed over your existing inflatable floor for added durability. Adds additional abrasion protection – perfect for fishermen and dog lovers! Three sizes for the AdvancedFrame, Expedition and Convertible. MSRP $39.99/$49.99/$59.99

AE2046/AE2047 – Kayak Covers. Gives your kayak long-term protection from the elements, featuring an easy-to-use roll and clip closure allowing adjustment for various kayak lengths. Two sizes fit kayaks up to 11 feet in length, and a large size for kayaks up to 15 feet in length. MSRP $79.99 and $99.99

Some of the classics have been given a new look:

AE2021 – Single Deck for the Convertible. Now sporting a series of d-rings with bungee deck lacing, arched deck riser aluminum stays and a rear cargo hatch. MSRP $59.99

AE2022- Double Deck for the Convertible. Now includes d-rings and a mesh pocket for enhanced gear storage. MSRP $82.99

New models should be available in late January to early spring 2013. For updates, visit the Advanced Elements product page on our website at


  1. We purchased an advanced convert kayak. If you are on the fence about a purchase dont be. This kayak has been so much fun and easy to transport. It has been used from Mexico all the way to Alaska and everywhere in between We have checked it as baggage and flew with it and tossed it in the car or RV. Best purchase i have ever made

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