Bic Sport Inflatable Kayaks and Paddle Boards – What’s New for 2013

Bic Sport will be adding three more models to their inflatable line-up – the Nomad HP1 Single inflatable kayak and two BIC SUP Air inflatable paddle boards.

The BIC Nomad HP1 is a high-pressure 14′ 5″ single version of the current 16′ 5″ Nomad tandem.

Like the Nomad 2+, the single features an enclosed seating well, making it better for sea kayaking and touring than the current Yakkair High Pressure and Yakkair Lite kayaks. The longer length fullfills French Maritime laws requiring sea kayaks that venture more than 300 meters from shore be a minimum of 4 meters.

The Nomad HP 1 Single features the same high pressure inflatable keel and hull as the Yakkair HPs, but the Nomad has been designed with a higher bow section and extended length. The flexible decking system makes the Nomad HP1 Single ideal for longer paddling excursions, giving better internal protection and lots of space for storing equipment/gear. The enclosed decking makes it a more viable choice for challenging water and weather conditions. It’s good for lakes, flat water, bays, inlets and seas.

The Nomad HP 1 Single inflatable specs in at 14 feet 5 inches in length, 31.5 inches wide, a weight of 37.5 lbs and a max payload of 440 lbs.

MSRP on the Nomad HP1 Single is $1499, and will be available in first quarter 2013.

Two new 15 PSI inflatable BIC SUP Air paddle boards – SUP AIR 10’6 and SUP Air 10’0 version are now available.

The 2013 ISUPS feature some major redesigns. The ISUP’s thickness has increased from 4 to 6 inches deep, making them more rigid at equal pressures, and more stable.

The nose d-ring has moved to the rear, while the inflation valve has migrated to the bow. Three low-profile carry handles are now located at the bow, stern and center. Bungee deck lacing for gear is located in the bow.

A fin box with removable 10-inch deep tracking fin and two integrated side fins enable the SUP Airs to track well.

Due to the depth, the SUP Airs are best for riding waves and flat water/touring paddling – lakes, inlets, bays, slow-moving rivers. They are good for beginner to intermediate level, families and schools.

The SUP Air 10’0 has a 175 lb max. payload, and is best for smaller adults and kids while the SUP Air 10’6 – at 220 lb max load – is better for larger adults, and those wanting more width stability.

Specs for the SUP AIR 10’6
33″ wide, 126 inches long, 6 inches deep, 22 lbs weight, 235L volume, 220 lbs max weight
MSRP – $1199. Color – red. Now available.

Specs for the SUP Air 10’0
30″ wide, 120 inches long, 6 inches deep, 20 lbs weight, 200L volume, 175 lbs max weight.
MSRP – $1149. Color – blue. Now available.

The Bic Sport inflatable lineup currently includes the Yakkair High Pressure Series in single and tandem, the Yakkair Lite Series also in single and tandem, the 1-3 person Nomad, Kalyma and the Yakkair High Pressure Fishing Tandem.

The BIC SUP Air 11 was replaced with the two new inflatable paddle board models.

Prices on the Nomad 2+ kayak and Yakkair Lite series will remain the same for 2013, while the High Pressure Series will be increasing 8% on the two Tandems, 15% on the single. The Kalyma will be increasing 11%.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for 2013 include:

Yakkair Lite (Y1002) – $649
Yakkair Lite 2 (Y1003) – $759
Yakkair HP-1 (Y1000) – $1099
Yakkair HP-2 (Y1001) – $1299
Yakkair HP-2 Fishing (Y1004) – $1299
Yakkair HP-3 Nomad (Y1005)- $1599
Kalyma 2 (Y1006) $599.
Yakkair Nomad HP1 Single (Y1007) – $1499
BIC SUP Air 10-6 (S4453) $1199
BIC SUP Air 10-0 (S4452) $1149

Looking for a BIC inflatable kayak or paddle board? Visit the BIC product page at

AirKayaks also has a limited number of new, boxed 2009 models in the Yakkair Lite Single ($499), Yakkair Lite Tandem ($599), and Yakkair HP Single ($789) at reduced prices. While supplies last.

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