New Product: Moxie CB 3pc Adjustable Carbon SUP paddle from Accent

Finally, a SUP paddle designed with women, for women! Accent Paddle recently introduced the new Moxie CB – a 3pc adjustable carbon breakdown paddle, specifically designed for paddlers under 5’8″ in height.

New Moxie CB SUP paddle

The design team at Accent Paddles spent time talking with women-who-SUP, re-engineering their popular MAX CB paddle to create a SUP paddle perfect for smaller people. The Moxie CB features a slimmer, sleeker blade – this allows easier pull through the water without sacrificing blade stiffness. It also reduces the weight of the blade, promoting higher cadence, less fatigue and a better workout – all without decreasing paddling efficiency. Re-engineered carbon tooling allowed Accent to produce a smaller diameter shaft with greater stiffness, promoting efficiency on the water while a smaller ergonomic grip handle provides better feel and control for smaller hands.

This adds up to a SUP paddle that is lighter and stiffer – providing less fatigue and a better workout – without decreasing paddling efficiency.

Quick connect adjustable shaft

The Moxie CB can be quickly adjusted from 69 to 78 inches utilizing the QuikClip adjustment system – snap out the prong, and the paddle can be quickly lengthened or shortened in two inch increments. And with a incredibly light weight of 29 ozs and a longest shaft length of 32.5 inches, it’s highly portable – great for inflatable SUPs.

MSRP $189. For more details, see the Accent Moxie CB SUP Paddle product page at

New product intro special – take 10% off the Accent Moxie CB, now through June 30th 2013. Use coupon code 10%OFF at checkout.

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