New Product: Advanced Elements DuraFloor for Inflatable Kayaks

Now available! The new AE2043 DuraFloors from Advanced Elements provide added protection to your inflatable floor.  Made of a  5/16″ thick, rugged foam, the DuraFloor is designed to installed over your existing kayak floor, for added durability. No more worries of sharp claws or barbed hooks piercing the floor bladders. The DuraFloor is available in three sizes for AdvancedFrame Series kayaks, and each comes with a cinch strap to roll it up for storage.

DuraFloor installed in an Advanced Elements Convertible kayak

To install, simply lay out your kayak deflated and align the floor over the existing floor, lining up the hole with the floor inflation valve. Pull the inflation valve through the hole, tuck the “side tabs” under the main chamber and then inflate as outlined in your owner’s manual.durafloor_rolled

Three sizes are available to fit the AE1012 AdvancedFrame, AE1017 Sport, AE1009 Expedition and AE1007 Convertible. Weights are 1.75 to 5 lbs – each comes with a cinch strap allowing one to roll it up for storage. MSRP $39.99 to $59.99.

For more information, to purchase, or for product instructions, see the Advanced Elements DuraFloor product page at

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