Sneak Preview: New Inflatable Kayak Line from Aquaglide

This week, Salt Lake City, Utah is host to the Outdoor Retailer show, one of the major sporting goods events of the year. More than 1000 manufacturers – representing camping, cycling, watersports and outdoor activities – take this opportunity to showcase their 2014 line, unveiling new products and features to retailers around the world.

In the portable kayaking field, the biggest news is the launch of Aquaglide’s new inflatable kayak line. A division of North Sports Inc, the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily over the past 13 years, encompassing watersports products such as commercial and residential water trampolines, tow toys, recreational water equipment and the highly popular Multisport 270 – an inflatable windsurf/sailboat/pull toy/kayak combo.


According to Peter Arpag, Aquaglide Brand Manager, the company surveyed the inflatables market to identify gaps. After talking with distributors, dealers, customers, and manufacturer’s reps, the design team honed in on a lineup of kayaks that were versatile, affordable and easy-to-use, utilizing new technology to provide enhanced performance.

New Klickitat, Rogue, Yakima and Chinook Inflatable Kayaks from Aquaglide

The new Aquaglide inflatable kayak product line consists of 12 models with MSRP pricing from $199.95 to $1099.95. The new Aquaglide lines include the Columbia – a high-pressure touring model in three sizes; the Deschutes – a high pressure all-purpose recreational design, also in three sizes; the Klickitat – a high-pressure, whitewater self-bailer for for solo or tandem kayaking and the Chinook – an economically-priced, low-pressure recreational model in two sizes. The lineup is rounded out with two entry level inflatables – the Rogue diving/fishing model and the price-conscious Yakima.

Models consist of one, two and three person paddling, ranging from 8 to 15 feet in length with carrying capacities of 250 to 600 lbs.

Aquaglide also offers the Cascade line – three inflatable SUPs ranging in size from 10 to 12.5 feet.

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