Sneak Preview: New C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP Line for 2014

Last week, Salt Lake City, Utah hosted one of the major sporting goods events of the year – Outdoor Retailer’s (OR) summer market. More than 1000 manufacturers – representing camping, cycling, water sports and outdoor activities – showcased their 2014 line, unveiling new products and features to retailers around the world.

UPDATE: New models are in transit and should be arriving by the end of July 2014!

We continue our series of debuts from OR, this time focusing on C4 Waterman’s upcoming inflatable SUP line for 2014.

 C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP Lineup for 2014

C4 Waterman is well-known as one of the leading paddle board companies in the world – the C4 founders have more than 150 years of combined surfing, paddling, racing, and water safety experience. Both the company philosophy and their boards are based on the four core values of Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition.

 C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP Lineup for 2014

For 2014, the C4 ISUP line has been streamlined, focusing more on beefing up and expanding the core models rather than color variations. All 2014 models will feature one color – white with yellow side rails – rather than the enormous choices available in the past.

Three new models have been introduced – the 11′ Crossover, the 12’6″ Pro Racer, and two Outfitters – a 10’11” and a 12’6″ version.

C4 Waterman 11" Crossover Inflatable SUP

The 11′ Crossover is the inflatable version of C4’s popular Wahini Cruiser composite board with a 30 inch beam.  The 11′ Crossover is a great choice for smaller paddlers – such as women and smaller adults – and offers a balanced blend of touring, surfing and recreational paddling. Model #1408 with an MSRP of $1390.

C4 Waterman Pro Racer 12'6" Inflatable SUP

The 12’6″ Pro Racer is the inflatable version of C4’s popular TGIF composite board, featuring a narrower 30 inch beam and stern than the current iTrekker. The focus is on downwind racing. Model #1410 with an MSRP of $1460.

C4 Waterman 10'11" and 12' 6" OutFitter Inflatable SUP

The designers at C4 Waterman took two popular current models – the BK Pro 10′ 11″ and iTrekker 12′ 6″ – and gave them a beefed-up silhouette, spinning them off as the OutFitter. Available in two lengths – 10’11” and 12’6″ – the Outfitters feature a 4″ inch-wide, gray rub rail. This thick bumper gives an additional layer of protection at the side seams, acting as a chafe guard for tougher usage. While not quite as easy to roll up, this is a great choice for white water paddling or in situations where heavy scraping could occur. It’s also a great option for rentals, outfitters or even families with a wide range of paddlers and activity levels. Model #1411 for the Outfitter 10’11” will have an MSRP of $1350 while Model #1412 for the Outfitter 12’6″ will have an MSRP of $1460.

The current models – including the 8’1″ Menehune, 10’0″ Rapid Rider, 10’6″ CMAC, 9’11” and 10’11” BK Pros, 10’9″ XXL and XXL Window, and the 12’6″ iTrekkers – will all be available, though most with slight new variations. While the 8’1″ Menehune and popular 10’6″ CMAC will continue to be produced in the 100mm dropstitch material with a 4 inch thickness, the 9’11” BK Pro, 10’0″ Rapid Rider and both 10’9″ XXLs will be bumped up to a slightly beefier 115mm material, increasing the board depth to roughly 4.5 inches. All the longer boards – the BK Pro and Outfitter 10’11”, the Crossover 11′ and all the 12’6″ models (iTrekker, Pro Racer and Outfitter) will be constructed from 150mm material and nearly 6 inches thick.

New K220 K-Pump

Another major change is the switch from the Italian-made Bravo barrel pump, to the popular US-made K-Pump. All C4 inflatable SUPS will now include the K-Pump K220, a double-barrel piston hand-pump that can switch from a high volume/low pressure pump to a high pressure/low volume pump with a twist of the barrel. This will allow one to more rapidly pump up the ISUP initially, and as the pressure increases, to switch to the easier mode, making it much easier to attain the higher 15 to 17 PSI desired pressures. The C4 version will feature an integrated pressure gauge. The K220 (Model #3080) will also be available as a stand-alone pump, at an MSRP of $170.

Expect the MSRP pricing on all the currently available models to increase approximately 8 to 12%, so if price is an issue, grab what you can now.

The 2014 stock will start appearing in December 2013, with a full-rollout in 2014. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold, or watch the C4 Waterman inflatable SUP product pages at

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