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Adding a Sail Rig to an Advanced Elements Convertible DS Inflatable Kayak

We often get asked about sailing modifications for inflatable kayaks. Recently, one of our customers sent photos of a very neat sailing rig created for the 15 foot Advanced Elements Convertible DS Series Inflatable Kayak with high-pressure floor.

Jan-Henrik Andersen has spent the past year creating and modifying his sail design which features a 30 square foot lateen/crabclaw rig.

Jan-Henrik's first sail rig iteration

According to Jan-Henrik, “Here are a couple of pictures from last year’s rig and this year’s iteration. The blue sail is great down wind, but not enough for speed upwind. The white one works really well at all point of sail, tacks well through 95 degrees. Both designs have been out in 25 knots of wind and 6-8 foot waves without anything breaking. I’m really enjoying this kayak.”

And if that isn’t enough, both rigs double as a tent at night.

It even doubles as a tent!

The impetus for Jan-Henrik was to reach his put-ins via public transportation – he has accomplished this by creating a rig that packs down into one duffel bag 48 inches long.

Second evolution of the sail rig

Check out Jan-Henrik’s short YouTube video clip, sailing on Lake Michigan in August, 2013.


Thanks to Jan-Henrik for sharing!

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