New 2014 Red Air Inflatable SUP Lineup from Red Paddle Co.

We recently received details on Red Paddle Company’s upcoming new and redesigned Red Air inflatable SUPs being introduced for 2014. The new lineup has been expanded to thirteeen models for surfing, touring and racing, ranging in size from 9’2″ to 14’0″. This includes the introduction of 4 new models, the installation of two prototype models, and a revamped look on the current seven models.

Red Air 2014 Inflatable SUP lineup

Well-known for their ruggedness throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, each of the Red Air boards utilize high pressure drop-stitch technology – allowing them to be inflated from 15-25PSI – and feature quadruple rail construction, double layering, thick traction pads and fins. Each board comes with the Red Air EZee or Ezee HP pump, allowing one to inflate a paddle board to 20PSI and higher in less than 10 minutes.

For 2014, Red Paddle Co. is unrolling two models tweaked especially for women – the Venus 10’6 and the Venus 10’0 RSS.

2014 Red Air Venus 10-6 and 10-0 inflatable SUPS

The Venus 10’6 features the same silhouette, thicker 120mm dropstitch material and specifications as the current frontseller – the 10’6″ Ride – with a floral flair. This is a great all-around board, perfect for recreational paddling, some surfing and downriver. Specifications: 10’6″ length, 32 inches wide, 120mm/4.7 inches thick, capacity up to 225 lbs. MSRP $1249.

The Venus 10’0″ RSS is based on the current Surfer 10’0 RSS and features the RSS Rocker Stiffening System. Popular for surfing and noted for a great glide, this is a great all-around board for smaller paddlers. Specifications: 10’0″ length, 30 inches wide, 100mm/3.9 inches thick, capacity up to 225 lbs. surfing or 175 lbs for all-around usage MSRP $1199.

2014 Red Air Snapper 9-4 Inflatable SUP

The Snapper 9’4 was designed with the youngster in mind,  and is a great choice for kids (or small adults) up to 132 lb. With the shorter length and slim beam, the Snapper 9’4″ delivers top performance whether paddling up a river, along the shoreline, playing in the water or catching a swell. Specifications: 9’4″ length, 27 inches wide, 100mm/3.9 inches thick, capacity up to 175 lbs.MSRP $1189.

2014 Red Race 10-6 Max Inflatable SUP

Bumping this up a notch, the new Max Race 10’6” is a scaled down, kid’s version of the popular Red Air racing boards. Featuring a narrow beam and a shorter length, the Max Race 10’6 is manageable by youngsters up to 155 lbs – both on and off the water. The thicker 150mm material, removable US finbox and RSS rocker stiffening system make this ISUP stable yet super-nimble when paddling in a straight line. Specifications: 10’6″ length, 26 inches wide, 120mm/4.7 inches thick, capacity up to 155 lbs. MSRP $1249.


Two new additions to the Red Paddle lineup include the Elite 12’6 and Elite 14’0 racing iSUPs. Brought in as a limited edition in mid-2013, the immediate popularity ensured both models a spot in the 2014 line. Both models are slimmed-down versions of the popular Race 12’6. Featuring a narrow 26″ beam, RSS rocker panels, and a super stiff and buoyant 150mm material, the Elites have been whipping up a storm, winning numerous races right out of the gate. Specifications: 12’6″ and 14’0 length, 26 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick with RSS,  capacity 265+ lbs. MSRP $1629 and $1799.

Each of the seven current models – the SurfStar 9’2, AllWater 9’6, Surfer 10’0, Ride 10’6, Mega 10’8, and the Explorer and Race 12’6s – are back with a fresh look. Each model features updated colors and patterns. Prices are increasing slightly – up to 2.5% – over the 2013 models.

The current models include:

2014 Red Air SurfStar 9-2 Inflatable SUP

9’2″ Red Surf Star RSS– A stable yet maneuverable travel surf SUP, utilizing the RSS Rocker System. Also good for kids. Dimensions: 9′ 2″ x 30″ wide. 100mm/3.9 inches thick, capacity 200 lbs. MSRP $1179.

2014 Red Air Allwater 9-6 Inflatable SUP
Red Air 9’6″ All Water RSS – Designed to work in all conditions, the All Water cruises well up the river and picks up waves quickly. Utilizes the RSS Rocker Stiffening System. Dimensions: 9’6″ x 32 inches wide, 100mm/3.9 inches thick with RSS. Capacity 215 lbs. Also available in a steel blue version. MSRP $1199.

2014 Red Air Surfer 10-0 Inflatable SUP

Red Air 10’0″ Surfer RSS – For those riders looking for a longboard style surfing SUP. While designed as a surfing SUP board, it can still be enjoyed on flat water by lighter riders. Utilizes the RSS Rocker System and features front cargo attachments. Dimensions: 10′ 0″ x 30 inches wide, 100mm/3.9 inches with RSS, capacity 200 lbs surfing, 175 all-around. MSRP $1199.

2014 Red Air Ride 10-6 Inflatable SUP

Red Air 10′ 6″ Ride Red Paddle’s classic model for all-around paddle boarding. Great for cruising, small wave surfing, fishing, exploring. Specifications: 10’6″ x 32 inches wide, 120mm/4.7 inches thick, capacity 225 lbs. Also available in a steel blue version. MSRP $1249.

2014 Red Air Mega 10-8 Inflatable SUP

Red Air 10′ 8″ Mega – The perfect board for the bigger rider and the family paddler – super stable. Material thickness has been increased to 120mm – this increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance. Good for cruising, small wave surfing, fishing, exploring, boat tender Specifications: 10’8″ x 36 inches wide, 120mm/4.7 inches thick, capacity 265+ lbs. MSRP $1379 .

2014 Red Air Race 12-6 Inflatable SUP

Red Air 12′ 6″ Race RSS– A stripped down racing thoroughbred utilizing thicker material and the RSS Rocker Stiffening System and removable US finbox. Good for racing, competition and speedy workouts. Specifications: 12’6″ x 30 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick with RSS, capacity 265+ lbs. MSRP $1579.

2014 Red Air Explorer 12-6 Inflatable SUP

Red Air 12′ 6″ Explorer – An amazing destination paddle board, capable of carrying lots of cargo. Removable US finbox. Great for fishing, exploring, adventure and touring. Specifications: 12’6″ x 32 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick, capacity almost unlimited. Also available in a steel blue version. MSRP $1599.

All the Red Air iSUPs come with a specialized high pressure pump. Model sizes through the 10″6 include the HP EZee pump featuring a tall, slim barrel allowing one to pump more easily to the higher PSIs. The boards sized 10’8 and above come with the standard Ezee Pump, a shorter, wider-barreled pump needed to fill the volumes required with the larger/thicker boards. Both the EZ and HP EZ pumps will be available for optional purchases at $69.95 each.

New 2014 Red Air Backpack with integrated wheels

Each of the Red Air ISUPs now come with an extensively updated backpack featuring integrated wheels, making it easier to thread through airport lobbies, while still comfortable enough to pack into the remote country. An optional backpack can be fitted to the front of the pack or used separately for laptop, work or a day at the beach.

Other additions include the Red Cargo Net, 10′ coiled ankle leash and more 3pc breakdown SUP paddle options in both carbon and fiberglass.

The new models are in-transit and will be available for shipping in early December 2013 (the MAX Race 10-6 is scheduled for late December). To see details on each of the new models and accessories, or to purchase, visit the Red Paddle Co. Red Air Product pages at

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