Sneak Preview: New 13.5 ft Swing EX Inflatable Kayak from Innova

Innova Kayaks, Inc of Burlington, Washington recently announced the latest addition to the Innova inflatable kayak line – the Swing EX, a 3 PSI touring model.

Swing EX Inflatable Kayak from Innova

At 13.5 feet in length, with a 29-inch width and capacity of 396 lbs, the Swing EX is a longer, skinnier version of the popular Swing I.  The Swing EX – short for Expedition – is designed toward the multi-day touring paddler needing extra room for gear.

AirKayaks note: We now have published our Detailed Product Review with Photos on the Innova Swing EX.

The longer waterline provides better glide, while the increased hull space now offers side deck zippers, and more square footage of bungee deck lacing and netting for attaching gear. Initial tests clocked the Swing EX cruising speed at a comfortable 3 to 3.5 knots with minimal effort.

Swing EX Inflatable Kayak from Innova

The cockpit on the Swing EX has been redesigned, allowing paddlers to use a standard spray skirt.

The Innova Swing EX uses a double “tubeless” system, making it inherently lighter, while the double tubes allow it to be inflated to 3 PSI and provide better rigidity across the added length.

Swing EX Inflatable Kayak from Innova

A unique deck support system uses aluminum arches – two fore and one aft – of the cockpit opening. These arches are set crosswise and provide deck shape and structure. The arches contribute to the stiffness of the Swing EX for paddling in rough water. These arches can be removed easily for a compact folded package.

Like its siblings, the Swing 1 and Swing 2, the Swing EX is made from an environmentally-friendly, PVC-free ripstop material which sheds water quickly. The deck features a coated urethane, while the hull is a teflon-treated LitePack.

And weighing in at a mere 29 lbs, the Swing EX still packs down to a small size – it fits in the optional Swing backpack – making it a viable choice for global travel and back country treks.

MSRP: $999.

Stay tuned. The Innova Swing EX should be available in early 2015. For upcoming details, watch the Innova Product Pages section at


  1. This is an excellent resource and influenced my decision to purchase the Innova Swing EX. I have taken it out several times since being purchased in May. Fast assembly and smooth performance make for a quick and easy paddle around the Potomac River near D.C.

    1. Thanks Philip,
      Do you think the kayak would be suitable for someone who has limited experience kayaking? Say one or two times a year. I have heard that it is not that stable as compared to the Swing1.

      1. Hi Paul:
        If you are only going to be using it a couple times per year, and have limited experience, I think you should go with something a little wider (more stable). Such as the Swing 1.

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