Sneak Preview: New Windpaddle Downwind Kayak, Canoe and SUP Sails

Windpaddle, Inc of Hood River, Oregon has recently redesigned two of their popular downwind sails for kayaks, canoes and SUPs – the Scout and Adventure.

New Windpaddle Adventure with 25% more sail area.

The flagship Adventure model has been upgraded for better sailing and more power. The new Adventure features a 25% increase in sail size, up from 42 inches to 47 inches. With 12 square feet of sail area, a shallower draft and a stiffer batten, the Adventure’s new silhouette provides tighter control in windy conditions and better across-the-wind sailing and stability. Intended for longer touring and expedition kayaks of 14 to 18 feet, the Adventure has an off-wind sailing area of +/ 180 degrees and a wind range of up to 30 knots. The sheets/lines have been softened for more hand comfort while sailing.

New Windpaddle Scout with larger viewing area.

The entry level Scout remains 42 inches in diameter, but now sports a larger clear panel for better visibility, and stiffer battens. Built for the casual recreational paddler, the Scout is intended for 4-18 knot conditions and smaller solo kayaks from 8 to 14 feet.

With the redesign comes a drop in price, with the Scout now starting at $99.95 and the Adventure at $149.95.  A limited supply of the older 42-inch Adventure model is still available at $129.95.

The Cruiser remains similar in design, with a 56 inch diameter, but a lower price point of $169.95. The larger sailing area is focused on longer tandem models.

The three sail models weigh from 13 to 22 oz. and can be coiled to a packed size of 15 to 20 inches. For hands-off sailing, an optional sail kit is available, allowing a paddler to tie off the lines and steer with their paddle. The sails are available in blue, yellow or red.

For more details or to purchase, visit the Windpaddle product pages at

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