C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP Lineup for 2014/2015

Earlier this year at Utah’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Wenonah Canoe, Inc. announced the merger of C4 Waterman into Wenonah’s existing world-wide distribution network.

Established formally in 1968, Wenonah Canoe is one of the largest makers of paddle sport watercraft in the world. C4 Waterman is a Hawaii-based lifestyle and adventure sports equipment company focused on providing high quality water boards, paddling gear and outdoorwear to the paddling industry.

The merger caused a delay in C4’s new 2014 inflatable SUP launch, but in early August, the new 2014/2015 C4 Waterman inflatable sups started appearing on the market.C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP lineup for 2014/2015

As mentioned previously, the 2014/2015 C4 ISUP line has been streamlined, focusing more on beefing up and expanding the core models rather than color variations. All upcoming-year models will feature one color – white with yellow side rails and white hull – rather than the enormous choices available in the past.

 C4 Waterman Inflatable SUP Lineup for 2014/2015

Three new “2014” models are now available – the 11′ Crossover, the 12’6 Pro Racer, and two Outfitters – a 10’11 and a 12’6 version. Later this year, a hot new downriver model in two sizes – the 8’6 and 9’6 River Pro Opae – will arrive.

In the “monster sup” category, the new Raptor – a mega-sized iSUP – will join the reigning king, SupSquatch.

Following are details on the new models:

C4 Waterman 11" Crossover Inflatable SUPC4 Waterman 11′ Crossover Inflatable SUP

The 11′ Crossover is the inflatable version of C4’s popular Wahini Cruiser composite board with a 30 inch beam and 6 inch thickness.  The 11′ Crossover is a great choice for smaller paddlers – such as women and smaller adults – and offers a balanced blend of touring, surfing and recreational paddling. Model #1408 with an MSRP of $1390.

C4 Waterman Pro Racer 12'6" Inflatable SUPC4 Waterman Pro Racer 12’6″ Inflatable SUP

The 12’6″ Pro Racer is the inflatable version of C4’s popular TGIF composite board, featuring a narrower 30 inch beam and stern than the current iTrekker 150 – also in a 6-inch thickness. The focus is on downwind racing, fitness training and speed. Model #1410 with an MSRP of $1460.

C4 Waterman 10'11" and 12' 6" OutFitter Inflatable SUPC4 Waterman 10’11” and 12′ 6″ OutFitter Inflatable SUP

The designers at C4 Waterman took two popular current models – the BK Pro 10′ 11″ and iTrekker 12′ 6″ – and gave them a beefed-up silhouette, spinning them off as the OutFitter. Available in the same two lengths – 10’11” and 12’6 – the Outfitters feature fixed fins and a Zodiac rub rail. This thick bumper gives an additional layer of protection at the side seams, acting as a chafe guard for tougher usage. While not quite as easy to roll up, this is a great choice for white water paddling or in situations where heavy scraping could occur. It’s also a great option for rentals, outfitters or even families with a wide range of paddlers and activity levels. Both are 6 inches thick with a width of 33.5″ for the 10-11 and 31.5 inches thick for the 12-6. Model #1411 for the Outfitter 10’11” will have an MSRP of $1350 while Model #1412 for the Outfitter 12’6 will have an MSRP of $1460.

New C4 Waterman River Pro Opae inflatable SUP

C4 Waterman River Pro Opae 8’6 and 9’6

In response to the growing whitewater river market, the River Pro Opae will enter the arena later this year. The 8’6 Opae – for smaller adults – is 34 inches wide with a 5 inch thickness, while the 9’6 Opae is a pumped up 36 inch wide board, 6 inches thick. Both feature side grab handles, interchangeable cuttlefish fin box and deck lacing. MSRP is $1099 and $1179 respectively. Look for them just before the holidays.

C4 Waterman Raptor Inflatable Monster SUP

Raptor “Monster” SUP

Also new to the lineup is the Raptor “Monster” SUP, a scaled-down version of the current Supsquatch. At 14 ft x 60″ x 8″ the Raptor is a multi-person recreational board, good for 2 to 4 people or a family. MSRP $2999.

The current models – 10’0 Rapid Rider, 10’6 CMAC, 9’11” and 10’11” BK Pros, 10’9 XXL /XXL Window, and the 12’6 iTrekker 150 – are now available with slight new variations. While the popular 10’6 CMAC will continue to be produced in the 100mm dropstitch material with a 4 inch thickness, the 9’11” BK Pro, 10’0 Rapid Rider and both 10’9 XXLs will be bumped up to a slightly beefier material, increasing the board depth to roughly 5 inches. The longer boards – the BK Pro 10’11” and the 12’6 models will be constructed from 150mm material and nearly 6 inches thick. MSRP on current models is increasing approximately 8 to 12% over 2013 prices.

C4 Waterman in Idaho

Earlier this summer, Wenona and C4 Waterman staff, reps, designers, ambassadors and customers met for a river session in Idaho. Novices and experienced paddle boarders alike tested out the new lineup. Check out the C4 Waterman Surfing Idaho video to see the C4 inflatables in action, including the new Raptor and Opae models.


For more details on each of the boards, visit the C4 Waterman inflatable SUP product pages at

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