Sneak Preview: Advanced Elements Expedition LTD & AdvancedFrame LTD Inflatable Kayaks

Earlier this month, Salt Lake City in Utah hosted the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, one of the largest sporting goods events of the year. Nearly 1700 manufacturers – representing camping, cycling, water sports and outdoor activities – took this opportunity to showcase their 2015 line, unveiling new products and features to retailers around the world.

Advanced Elmeents booth at the Outdoor Retailer show.

One of the major inflatable kayak manufacturers, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California, unveiled two limited edition models being introduced in 2015. The two popular models – Expedition and AdvancedFrame – feature two facelifts in limited production runs.


Advanced Elements Expedition LE Inflatable Kayak

The Expedition LTD Limited Edition features a major color redesign, as well as some innovative design changes. Now in an Ocean Blue with orange graphics, the Expedition LTD sports a sleeker silhouette with integrated storage. A new “deck lift” – consisting of an aluminum bar – works in conjunction with the current integrated inflatable deck lifts, to create a sculpted look with more knee/legroom as well as shedding accumulated water.  A rear integrated storage hatch with rolltop closure provides easy access to paddling gear. MSRP $749.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame LE Inflatable Kayak

The number-one selling AdvancedFrame has undergone a similar facelift, now in a hi-vis Lime Green with yellow graphics. The standard seat has been replaced with a stiffer, higher-backed version, providing more support. Velcro paddleholders are now standard. MSRP $549.

Both models feature new d-rings, making it easier to attach gear.

The Expedition LTD and AdvancedFrame LTD should be available in early 2015, in limited quantities.

Packlite Bellows foot pumpTwo new accessories for the 4-lb Packlite are also currently available. The Packlite Bellows Pump is a small-profile foot pump weighing just under 1 lb and capable of inflating to 2 PSI.

Ultralite 4pc breakdown paddle.

The Ultralite Paddle is a lightweight, 23.2 oz. 4 pc breakdown paddle with a longest shaft length of 23.5 inches. When bundled with the Packlite kayak and pump, the BakYaking package weighs in at 7 lbs. and sells for $350.

For more details and upcoming availability, watch the Advanced Elements product pages at Or you can send us an email to get on the Advanced Elements LTD Notification List.  AirKayaks update: The Expedition LE is expected approximately 4/10/15 while the AdvancedFrame LE is expected approximately 4/30/15.


      1. I believe it will have the same cockpit size opening, as it will take the same spray skirt. The front can be zippered open if you need more room. I also believe it will be the same width.

      2. So the changes with the expedition will be with the color, seat and and new deck lift? will it come with both floors?

        Rick Fernandez

      3. As far as I’ve seen, it will be color, deck lift and the storage hatch. The seat is still the HB lumbar, and it will come with just the standard floor.

  1. Can you buy the aluminum deck lift separate for older boats, item has been needed for some time

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