New 2015 Red Air Inflatable SUP Lineup from Red Paddle Co.

We recently received details on Red Paddle Company’s exciting new Red Air inflatable SUPs being introduced for 2015.

AirKayaks note: We have also posted information on the new 2016 Red Paddle Co product line, which should be available in November, 2016.

Well-known throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Red Air line has steadily gained traction in the US. Noted for their ruggedness and performance, each of the Red Air boards utilize high pressure drop-stitch technology – allowing them to be inflated from 15-25 PSI – and feature quadruple rail construction, double layering, thick traction pads and fins.

2015 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Lineup

The 2015 line has been redesigned, culminating in a striking, easily identifiable look. Color options have been decreased, with emphasis on categorizing boards by usage. For 2015, Red Paddle Co has 12 models for surfing, touring and racing, ranging in size from 9’2 to 14’0. This includes the introduction of 3 new models, revamped graphics on the current nine models, and four retiring models.

For 2015, Red Paddle Co has expanded the best-selling Ride to three versions perfect for all-around use – the Ride 9-8, the Ride 10-6 and the Ride 10-8. Each of the three models features d-rings, bungee deck lacing and three fixed fins.

2015 Red Paddle Co Ride 9-8

The Ride 9-8 combines the best characteristics of the 9-6 AllWater and the Surfer/Venus 10-0 to create a great all-around and surfing board for riders up to 80 and 95kg, respectively. With a 31 inch beam, the Ride 9-8 is built from 100mm material, creating a responsive board that is 3.93 inches thick, but fitted with the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) for increased rigidity. Capacity up to 180/lbs all-around or 210 lbs surfing. MSRP $1299.

2015 Red Paddle Co Ride 10-6

The popular Ride 10-6 features the same best-selling features with an updated look. A classic model, great for cruising, small wave surfing, fishing,exploring. Specifications: 10’6 x 32 inches wide, 120mm/4.72 inches thick, capacity 225 lbs.  MSRP $1299.

2015 Red Paddle Co Ride 10-8 Inflatable SUP

The 10-8 Ride is a revamped 10-8 Mega, appealing to families or the larger paddler. With a (now) narrower beam of 34 inches, and a board construction of 120mm material, the 10-8 Ride is a rigid, super-stable 4.72 inches thick, providing lots of buoyancy for beefier or multiple paddlers, while still maintaining responsiveness. Good for cruising, small wave surfing, fishing, exploring, boat tender Capacity up to 265 lbs. MSRP $1379

2015 Red Paddle Co Sport 11-0 Inflatable SUP

The new Sport 11-0 RSS joins the lineup, perfectly positioned between the Rides and the 12-6 boards. With a narrower beam of 30 inches, a removable US Box deep water fin, rigid 4.72 inch/120mm construction and the RSS system, the Sport 11-0 is faster than the Ride series, yet easier to inflate and carry than the 12-6 models. This is a zippy board with great glide, yet is nimble enough for small waves. Capacity 225 lbs. MSRP $1449.

2015 Red Paddle Co Flow 9-6

With whitewater SUP one of the hottest new paddling sports, Red Paddle has introduced the 9-6 Flow. Constructed from a beefy 150mm material, the Flow features a 34 inch beam, 5.9 inch thickness, pronounced nose rocker and low-profile quad fins – this is the board rugged enough to break in and out of flows, ride over bumps, take a beating and bounce back. Multiple grab handles, d-rings with deck lacing. Capacity 270 lbs. MSRP $1349.

Each of the current models – the SurfStar 9’2, 9-4 Youth Snapper, 10-6 Max Youth Race, 12-6 Explorer, 12’6 Race and 12-6/14-0 Elites – are back with a fresh look. Prices for most of the models have remained the same; 3 models have increased 1-4%( Ride 10-6Race 12-6 and Surfstar 9-2) while the Snapper has a 7% price reduction.

The current models include:

2015 Red Paddle Co SurfStar 9-2

Surf Star 9’2 RSS– A stable yet maneuverable travel surf SUP, utilizing the RSS Rocker System. Also good for kids. Dimensions: 9′ 2 x 30″ wide. 100mm/3.9 inches thick, Capacity 200 lbs. MSRP $1199.

2015 Red Paddle Co Snapper 9-4

Snapper 9’4. Designed with the youngster in mind, the Snapper has a shorter length and slim beam, making it a great choice for kids (or small adults). Good for rivers, shorelines, recreational play or catching a swell. Specifications: 9’4″ length, 27 inches wide, 100mm/3.9 inches thick, capacity up to 132 lbs. Lower MSRP of $1099.

Red Paddle Co Max Race 10-6 Inflatable SUP.

Max Race 10-6 RSS. A scaled down, kid’s version of the popular Red Air racing boards. With a narrow beam, shorter length, thicker 120mm material, removable US finbox and RSS rocker stiffening system, the Max Race is stable yet super-nimble when paddling in a straight line. Specifications: 10’6 length, 24 inches wide, 120mm/4.7 inches thick, capacity up to 155 lbs. MSRP $1249.

2015 Red Paddle Co Explorer 12-6 Inflatable SUP

12′ 6 Explorer – A great destination paddle board, capable of carrying lots of cargo. Removable US finbox. Great for fishing, exploring, adventure and touring. Multiple d-rings for attaching gear. Specifications: 12’6 x 32 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick, capacity 340 lbs. MSRP $1599.

2015 Red Paddle Co Race 12-6 Inflatable SUP

12′ 6 Race RSS– A stripped down thoroughbred utilizing thicker material, the RSS Rocker Stiffening System and removable US finbox. The beam has been narrowed to 28 inches, and the Race now comes with a US Glass fin. Good for racing, competition and speedy workouts. Specifications: 12’6 x 28 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick with RSS. Capacity 300 lbs. MSRP $1599.

2015 Red Paddle Co Elite 14-0 Inflatable SUP

Elite 12’6 and Elite 14’0 racing iSUPs. Slimmed-down versions of the popular Race 12’6. Featuring a narrow 26″ beam, RSS rocker panels, and a super stiff and buoyant 150mm material, the Elites have been whipping up a storm, winning numerous races right out of the gate. Each now comes with a US Box glass fin as standard equipment. Specifications: 12’6″ and 14’0 length, 26 inches wide, 150mm/5.9 inches thick with RSS, capacity 250 and 270 lbs, respectively. MSRP $1629 and $1799.

The Allwater 9-6, the Venus 10-6 and the Venus/Surfer 10-0 models have been retired.

2015 Red Paddle Co Wheeled Backpack

Each of the Red Air ISUPs now come with an extensively updated backpack featuring integrated wheels, making it easier to thread through airport lobbies, while still comfortable enough to pack into the remote country. For 2015, the bags are beefed up with tougher sail-cloth construction, larger wheels, and hefty zippers that can take a beating.

Paddle options have been streamlined with a drop in price. Three-piece breakdown, varying length paddles in aluminum, fiberglass and carbon shafts are available, as well as paddle and blade bags. Paddle prices range from $119 to $329.

The new models are in-transit and will be available for shipping in mid-to-late November 2014 – pre-orders are being accepted. To see details on each of the new models and accessories, or to purchase, visit the Red Paddle Co. Red Air Product pages at To make room for the new models, all 2014 Red Paddle inflatable boards are now 20% off, now starting at $959 with free paddle! It’s also the last chance to pick up some of the discontinued Venus 10-0, Venus 10-6, Mega 10-8 and Allwater 9-6 models at great savings.

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