Video: AquaGlide Columbia XP Tandem XL Inflatable Kayak

See our new video on the AquaGlide Columbia XP Tandem XL – a 15 foot inflatable kayak perfect for two adults and child, furry friend or gear – with set-up overview and features.

You can also see our Detailed Product Review on the AquaGlide Columbia XP Tandem with photos!


  1. hi, how and where can i tell what style of columbia i have. the AQ rep i have been corresponding with seemed not familiar since older model. it originally, when i bought it from a rep a month ago, had a 1/8 slit next to seam. i have tried to patch it twice, and it still leaks out, and i fear the original hole /slit has expanded! i put tear aid B over existing patch,…. and it still seeps out. any advice would be appreciated. also , did not come with a footrest,.. does the velcro 10 x 3 foot rest provide proper support. gonna try to make one. thanks,

    1. Hi Peg:
      I would suggest getting the HULL ID number off your kayak (near the cautionary information inside the kayak) and call Aquaglide. They should be able to tell you which one it is.

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