Sneak Preview: New AdvancedFrame DS-XL and XLC High-Pressure Inflatable Kayaks from Advanced Elements, an internet-based retailer of inflatable kayaks, paddle boards and paddling gear, today announced the arrival of two new inflatable kayaks in the Advanced Elements DS series™* of high pressure kayaks – the AdvancedFrame DS-XL™ and DS-XLC™.

New AdvancedFrame DS-XL and DS-XLC inflatable kayaks.

Manufactured by Advanced Elements for, the new DS-XL series™ is an elongated version of the classic AE1012 AdvancedFrame. The longer, streamlined body – in conjunction with the high pressure floor – provides better tracking and increased glide with minimal increase in weight, as well as being comfortable enough for both taller and smaller paddlers. The kayaks now come standard with an adjustable foot brace.

The concept behind the new DS-XL series was explained by Chuck Lamb, co-owner AirKayaks, “The AdvancedFrame kayak is a time-proven, excellent-performing kayak with thousands of loyal owners. At 10′ 5″ long, it represents a great balance of size, weight and tracking ability. With a host of accessories designed to accommodate the diverse needs of paddlers, it has proven to be an excellent choice for beginners and experienced kayakers alike.”

AdvancedFrame DS-XLC with deck zipped in place.

Lamb further states, “But, what if you take a great design like the AdvancedFrame, tweak it a bit so that it will have even more universal appeal? That is exactly what we did with the DS-XL and DS-XLC models. Our company worked out details with the designers at Advanced Elements and have produced two kayaks that we feel will further advance the popularity of this classic model. The DS-XL and the DS-XLC are both 5 inches longer, which means that taller paddlers like me (6’2″) will have plenty of leg room for long, comfortable trips. Fitted with an adjustable foot brace, both models will allow comfortable paddling for shorter paddlers as well.”


The AdvancedFrame DS-XLC kayak also features an included zip-on deck with storage options, allowing paddlers the flexibility of paddling an open style design for easy entry, or a closed deck design which can take an optional spray skirt. Extra d-rings are also provided.

AdvancedFrame DS-XL Series is great for taller paddlers.

According to Lamb, “While the DS-XL cockpit geometry is the same as the standard Advanced Frame, the DS-XLC (Cover) has a removable deck similar to the AE1007 Convertible. This allows you to use the kayak as either a semi-enclosed kayak like the DS-XL or as an open-frame model with easier access and – depending on your preferences – more paddling comfort. Personally I prefer open kayak designs for that reason.”

AdvancedFrame DS-XLC without deck.

Both kayaks are supplied with a high-backed lumbar seat for paddling comfort, a double action pump with gauge, and the very popular 4-6 PSI, high-pressure, dropstitched floor. Both can use optional Advanced Elements spray skirts, as well as most other Advanced Elements products such as the Rapidup sail.

Convertible kayak with double deck installed.

The two kayaks join the popular Convertible DS – a 15 foot inflatable kayak with high pressure floor for solo or tandem paddling. The Convertible DS also comes with two high-back lumbar seats and double action pump with gauge, and is exclusive to AirKayaks.

AirKayaks note: We now have posted our Product Review on the AdvancedFrame DS-XLC on our WordPress blog.

A limited amount of AdvancedFrame DS-XL, AdvancedFrame DS-XLC and Convertible DS kayaks are in transit and available 8/21, with the rest following in mid to late September 2015. Street prices are $639, $699 and $899 respectively. For more details or to order, visit the Advanced Elements Product Pages at, or click on the links above.


*DS, DS Series, DS-XL and DS-XLC are trademarks of Harris & Lamb, LLC


  1. How does the removable deck do with keeping out water? If you were to compare it to the standard model, how much water might you expect it to take on in inclement weather or a bit of whitewater? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bernie:
      As this is a new model, we don’t have the vast history of experience as with the standard AdvancedFrame. But having said that, the removable deck is the same construction as the single and double decks on the Convertible – and those have been around for many years. Also, the standard AdvancedFrame has a zipper up the front, which is the same type zipper used on the Convertible and the new DS-XLC. So, we have no reason to believe that one would get any more water in during inclement weather as with the standard model. Did I answer your question?

      1. Thank you very much. Good point about the zipper being the same as that on the convertible decks, etc. I should have thought of that and looked at reviews for that model. However, I have no experience with any of the AE products so I do have one follow up. Do you see much water intrusion on the convertible deck via it’s zipper? While I assume it’s not 100% water tight, I was curious as to what you see typically get through the deck on the convertible models.

        Thanks again!

      2. Hi Bernie:
        We will be posting our detailed review on the DS-XLC – probably on Sunday. You’ll be able to see the deck connections. There is a velcro flap over where the zipper connects, as well as under.

    1. It would be very, very tough to roll this – not recommended. In fact, I can climb out and back in on the water without flipping the kayak.

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