New Indy Tour 780 Carbon Breakdown SUP Paddle from Accent

Accent Paddles of Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently announced the latest in their series of performance SUP paddles – the Indy Tour 780 adjustable, carbon, breakdown paddle.

Nikki Gregg with Accent's Indy Tour 780 SUP Paddle

Stuart Lee, Jr, President of Accent and Cannon Paddles, explained their focus points in designing the Indy Tour, which included advanced design and construction elements at a price more affordable than similar high-performance paddles.

According to Stuart, “We wanted a paddle that would make our customers feel their investment in us was a very worthwhile one.  We realize most people are not looking for a $400 paddle.  But we also know that people appreciate good quality and great features. So, we focused on a foam-core construction to create a weight equal to that of paddles priced higher. We then added our custom Accent LeverLock system for 16” of adjustment – all with appealing and eye-catching graphics. At $229, the Indy Tour provides a quality paddling experience at a fraction of the price.”

Green Indy Tour 780 Blade

The Indy Tour 780 features a Medium Stroke Rate (MSR) design. With 98 square inches of blade surface, the medium-size blade of the Indy Tour 780 makes it a versatile paddle for those needing more power while the carbon blend shaft transfers more of your paddling power to the water for a more efficient stroke. It’s great for all around paddling and a wide range of paddler sizes.

Indy Blue paddle back with ABS rails

To keep the paddles strong yet light, the blades include a foam core construction with a durable ABS outer edge reinforcement – or rail. According to Lee, “The edge of a paddle hits many things in its lifetime, from rocks to sand to sides of sup boards.  It takes the most abuse and we wanted a strong material. We chose ABS for its toughness, high impact strength and ability to take a hit.”Adjustable LeverLock System


New with the Indy Tour is Accent’s custom LeverLock system. The Indy Tour has an adjustable range of 16 inches with no buttons or clips; the paddle length is quickly lengthened or shortened by pulling up the LeverLock, adjusting the paddle size, and locking shut. The Indy also features Accent’s custom, ergonomic grip for a comfortable feel.

Carbon shaft

The Indy Tour was designed by Lee Bonfiglio, Accent’s Director of Research and Development. As a World Champion Whitewater paddler as well as C1 paddler and avid Stand Up, Lee is a recognized leader in design and paddle technology.

Nikki Gregg on the TV show, Facing Waves

The Indy Tour paddle was recently featured on Nikki Gregg’s Facing Waves – a TV series that showcases top paddling destinations. Well-known for her pioneering work developing SUP fitness programs, Nikki is considered a leader in the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) industry.  A recent episode found Nikki exploring the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with guest host, Luke Hopkins, and an Indy Tour 780.

Nikki explained why she chose the Indy Tour 780 SUP paddle. “I like it because it has a smooth, clean entry in the water, and it’s an all-around nice design. The blade size is good for me and the bright green color makes it stand out.  I also like the adjustable shaft design as it makes it easy to change on the fly if you’re trading out with someone else.”

Indy Tour 780 Blue 3 Piece-1

The Indy Tour series of SUP paddles provide paddlers of all skill levels the highest level of construction at an affordable price and an eye-catching design. The three-piece construction – with a longest shaft length of 36 inches – makes it an excellent choice for travel or backpacking, while the 16 inches of adjustment make it a great paddle for sharing, or varying water conditions.

Paddle Specs

  • Length – Adjustable 70-86″
  • Weight  – 27 oz
  • Blade surface area – 98 sq in, 632 sq cm
  • Blade Length X Width – 7.8 X 16.75″ 19.8 X 42.55cm
  • Blade Angle – 8 degrees

Two blade colors, blue and green

Available with blue or green blades. MSRP $229. For more details or to purchase, visit the Indy Tour 780 product page at


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