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Special Purchase: Advanced Elements Limited Edition Expedition Inflatable Kayak

Great savings! AirKayaks is pleased to announce a special purchase of the Advanced Elements Limited Edition Expedition inflatable kayak – now $599!

Advanced Elements Expedition LTD

Introduced in 2015, the 13 ft. Expedition LTD takes all the great features of the popular AE1009 Expedition, and kicks it up a level with a major color redesign, as well as some innovative design changes.

Now in an ocean blue with orange graphics, the Expedition LTD sports a sleeker silhouette. A new, aluminum bar “deck lift” works in conjunction with the current integrated inflatable deck lifts, creating a sculpted look with more knee/legroom as well as shedding accumulated water.

Other features include a rear integrated storage hatch with rolltop closure and updated d-rings, making it easier to attach and access gear, and velcro paddle holders.

A new integrated “pressure relief valve” ensures the floor is not over-inflated. Set at 1 PSI, the relief valve releases enough air to maintain 1 PSI when pumping it up, or if left in the hot sun.

Expedition LTD on the water

The current AE1009 Expedition in yellow is being replaced with the new 2016 Expedition LTD version, which will feature a diamond ripstop material with a retail price of $749 – these will be available in April.  AirKayaks purchased the remaining 2015 introductory inventory; this is a great opportunity to pick up an outstanding kayak at great savings.

For more information, read our Expedition LTD Inflatable Kayak Detailed Product Review, or to purchase, visit the Expedition LTD Product Page on AirKayaks.com. Now $599, while supplies last.


    1. Hi Rick:
      As far as I know, the only difference is that the new 2016 version will be in the diamond ripstop material (same colors and graphics). The current version does not have the raised diamond pattern.

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