Sneak Preview: Updated Swing and Twist Inflatable Kayaks from Innova

Innova Kayak of Burlington, Washington, recently announced changes to their 2016 inflatable kayak line involving the popular PVC-free Twist and Swing models.

2016 Twist II Inflatable Kayak from Innova

New for 2016, both models now feature Light Nitrilon (LN) material.

Innova Light Nitrilon Construction

Light Nitrilon is a lighter-weight version of the rugged Nitrilon material used in the traditional Innova Sunny, Helios and Safari models. The base polyester ripstop material is coated with an outer layer of synthetic rubber, improving longevity as well as making the kayaks more rigid, water and abrasion resistant, without substantially increasing the kayak weight.

2016 Innova Twist I Inflatable Kayak

The Twist I and Twist II models have also had a design change. Both models now sport improved seating, with removable inflatable seats and beefed up foot braces. The new seating arrangement makes it easier to reposition the paddling point, optimizing paddling performance and comfort.

2016 Swing II Inflatable Kayak

The Swing I, Swing II and Swing EX now sport improved seating and foot rests, while the cockpits have been stiffened for enhanced spray skirt attachment.

The first shipment of the new Twists and Swings have reached the US, and will start being distributed in late April. MSRP is the same as in 2015, at $449, $549 respectively on the Twist I and Twist II, and $599, $799 on the Swing I and Swing II.

2016 Swing EX Inflatable Kayak from Innova

The updated Swing Ex will also remain at 2015 pricing levels of $999, and will be available in May.

Innova Halibut inflatable kayak for anglers

Innova’s long-awaited new Halibut inflatable fishing kayak should be available in June.

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