2016 Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame, Sport and Convertible Kayaks in Stock!

This past week we picked up our first shipment of Advanced Elements 2016 models, including the red and green AdvancedFrame, updated Sport in orange, and the popular Convertible tandem in red. Limited quantities are available – and going fast.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame LE Inflatable Kayak

New features for the best-selling AE1012 AdvancedFrame include an integrated 1-PSI pressure relief valve in the floor bladder, enhanced high-backed seating, redesigned hardware and the addition of velcro paddle holders. The popular model is now available in two colors – traditional red (AE1012R) and hi-vis green (AE1012G). MSRP $539.Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak for 2016

The 2016 AE1007R Convertible in red has also been updated with the integrated pressure relief valve, improved seats and redesigned hardware. Like its sibling, the tandem will feature two colors – traditional red (AE1007R) and hi-vis green (AE1007G – available in June). MSRP $749. Matching decks for the green will be available this summer.

Due to factory relocation, the sought-after AdvancedFrame series has been difficult to obtain over the past several months. As explained by Clay Haller, President of Advanced Elements, Inc., “After nearly 15 years in business, and constantly growing demand for our kayaks, we decided it was time to build a new and much larger factory to accommodate growth for years to come.”

Knowing the popularity of the AdvancedFrame line, AirKayaks attempted to stockpile as much inventory as possible in the event of delays, but were still woefully short of demand.

In the fall of 2015, construction of the new factory was completed however the reopening took longer than anticipated, causing delays in spring 2016 production for several models.

Production has been in full swing for a few months now and Clay is thrilled with the progress. “With some key advancements in machinery and the experience of our seasoned management and production techs, we are seeing the same high-level quality – if not better – that Advanced Elements has always been known for.”

The current shipment featured limited quantities – which are selling quickly. More containers with the 2016 Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame and Convertible models (in both red and the new hi-vis green) are on the water, with expected availability in the first or second week of June. These will be followed with Advanced Elements Sport and Expedition models, towards the end of June.

Advanced Elements Expedition LTD

The current yellow AE1009 Expedition had been retired and replaced with the upgraded, ocean blue Expedition AE1009B at $749. The 2016 Expedition features high-backed seating, diamond ripstop material, integrated storage hatch, sculpted riser bar, pressure relief valve, velcro paddle holders and redesigned hardware.  A variation of the blue Expedition was released in 2015 as the Expedition LTD with the same features in non-ripstop material. AirKayaks has a Special Purchase of the 2015 Expedition LTD model at $599.

2016 Advanced Elements Sport Kayak

The 2016 Sport AE1017 also features the integrated 1 PSI pressure relief valve in the floor, enhanced high-backed seating, new graphics and redesigned hardware.

A limited amount of Special Purchase 2015 Sport models in green/blue graphics – with free double action pump – are still available at $399.

AdvancedFrame DS-XLC with open deck

Currently available is AirKayaks new AE1044 AdvancedFrame DS-XL and XLC single versions in the slightly longer length and AE1007DS Convertible DS tandem in blue. All three versions come with high-pressure 4-6 PSI floor, high-backed lumbar seats and double action pump with gauge. The XL and XLC series also include a foot brace, while the XLC features a zip-out deck. Prices are $639, $699 and $899.

Clay looks forward to the upcoming shipments and the future. “We will continue to optimize the capabilities of our new factory and bringing new and exciting products to our customers for many years to come.”

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