New 2017 Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Lineup

We recently received details on Red Paddle Company’s exciting new inflatable SUP lineup being introduced for 2017.

2017 Red Paddle Co SUP Lineup

Well-known throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Red Paddle Co line has steadily gained traction in the US. Noted for their ruggedness and performance, each of the boards utilize high pressure drop-stitch technology – allowing them to be inflated from 16-22 PSI – and feature quadruple rail construction, double layering, thick traction pads and fins.

Leverlock paddle adjustement system

For 2017, Red Paddle Co has 22 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10” to 22’0. This includes the introduction of 5 new models – Sport 11’3, Race 14’0, Dragon 22’0, Windsurf 10’7″ and Ride L – updated accessories, revamped graphics and added features on several of the current models. Prices are generally remaining the same with some slight increases over 2016.

2017 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Construction

Red Paddle Co construction cross-section

In 2016, Red Paddle introduced a technologically innovative new process named Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology. In the past, the “board within a board” was glued together, creating extra weight and the potential for hand-gluing errors. The new process consisted of industrially fusing the second layer of polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage. The end result was a material structurally more sound, even more rigid, as well as lighter – in fact, many of the MSL boards are now 5-10 lbs lighter than previous models. For 2017, Red Paddle again tweaked the material across the entire product line, making the injected, reinforced second layer thicker with increased bond strength. See a Red Paddle Co YouTube on MSL Technology.

FCS Connect Tool-less Fin System

Except for the boards featuring fixed fins (Rides, Snapper) the Reds with removable fins have been revamped with a fairly standard US Fin box which fits 90% of the fins on the market. Theses are divided into two types – the Sports, Explorers and Whip now feature FCS Connect Tool-less Fin Systems which quickly snap into position without need for hardware or tools. The racing boards (Elites, Races) come with a glass race fin.

Integrated RAM mount socket with optional RAM mount.

New for 2017 is an integrated thread which allows one to add a universal RAM mount socket, available in two sizes. With this socket, paddlers can purchase a myriad of RAM mounts, allowing one to attach a cell phone holder, camera mount, fishing gear, Go-Pro fixture, cup holders – you name it! The RAM mount threads can be found on the recreational boards such as the Rides, Explorers, Snapper, Whip and Sports.

New Foreward Flex System (FFC) on the Elite race boards

The big news is development of the Forward Flex Control (FFC) stiffening rod on the two Elite racing models. The patented FFC system works in conjunction with the current RSS Rocker Stiffening System fiberglass battens. Before fully inflating the board, the FFC rod is clipped to a mounting lever near the top of the deck pad and put under compression, stiffening the board from midpoint to nose. With the RSS and FFC systems, nose flex is removed, ensuring an incredibly rigid ride while retaining the portability and storage advantages of an inflatable.

New RSS pull tab with velcro

Other smaller tweaks include relocating many of the tether rings to the upper deck, and the addition of velcro pull-tabs on the RSS fiberglass battens.

2017 Recreational and Touring Series Inflatable Paddle Boards

For 2017, Red Paddle Co is maintaining status-quo on many of the models.

2017 Red Paddle Co Sport models

One of the new models introduced for 2017 is the 11’3 Sport, joining the Sport 11 and Sport 12’6″ in the flatwater “sports car” category. With a 32″ beam and 242 lb carrying capacity, the Sport 11’3 bridges the gap between the smaller Sport 11 (with a payload of 198 lbs) and the slankier Sport 12-6, which can carry up to 330 lbs. Bungee deck-lacing, multiple d-rings and the RSS side stiffening system position the Sport 11’3″ to become the “Ride 10-6” of the cruising world. MSRP $1529. All three Sports now feature the updated US Fin box and FCS II 9.0 Touring Fins – part of the FCS Connect Tool-less System. The current Sport 11 and Sport 12-6 remain virtually the same, with updated MSL material and integrated RAM mount socket. The Sport 11 has a slight price increase to $1499, while the Sport 12-6 remains the same as 2016, at $1599.

2017 Red Paddle Co Ride Series

The best-selling Ride “all-around use” trio – the Ride 9-8, the Ride 10-6 and the Ride 10-8 will continue into 2017 without major changes except for the MSL material tweaks, relocation of the tether d-ring, graphics tweaks and the integrated RAM mount socket. Prices will remain at the 2016 level at $1299, $1299 and $1379 respectively.


The Explorer 12’6 and 13’2 touring models also remain fairly unchanged in design except for the following tweaks: updated MSL material, integrated RAM mount sockets, updated US Fin-Box with FCS II 9.0 Touring fin and the FCS Connect Tool-less system. Prices remain the same as 2016 at $1599 and $1649 respectively.

2017 Red Paddle Co Specialty Boards

2017 Red Paddle Co Flow Whitewater SUP

Also status-quo is the specialty series consisting of the Whip 8’10 surfing model, the Snapper 9’4 youth SUP, Flow 9’6 downriver/whitewater board and Activ 10’8 yoga fitness model. Each of these models features the standard fixed fins, except for the Whip, which now sports a US Fin box with FCS II 7.0 Connect Tool-less fin. Other updates include the tweaked MSL material and integrated RAM mount socket. MSRP is the same as 2016 at $1199, $1099, $1349 and $1429 respectively.

Center daggerboard on the Red Paddle Co 10'7 Windsurf SUP

The Windsup 10’8 is now the Windsup 10’7, and has been joined by the Windsurf 10’7 – both have integrated mast base threads to take optional sails. Available last year in Europe, the Windsurf 10-7 expands the range of Red’s on-water activities. While the WindSup 10’7″ is focused on paddle boarders who want to try their hand in windsurfing, the WindSurf 10’7 is geared towards those wanting a portable, more authentic windsurfing experience. The key is a large, drop-in dagger board which increases stability, tracking and lateral control. Payload for both is 265 lbs. Each comes with the upgraded MSL material and integrated RAM mount socket. MSRP is $1449 and $1599 respectively.

New Windsurf sails from Red Paddle Co

With the introduction of the two WindSups, Red Paddle has also introduced a line of windsurf sails available in four sizes from 1.5 to 4.5 meters. Prices range from $399 to $579.

Red Paddle Co’s racing inflatable SUPS for 2017

For 2017, Red Paddle has focused on streamlining and expanding their Racing series.

2017 Red Paddle Co Race models

The four racing models – Max Race 10’6, the Race 12’6, Elite 12’6 and Elite 14’0 – are joined by the new Race 14’0 and the ultra-exciting, multi-paddler Dragon 22’0. The Race 14’0 is reminiscent of last-season’s Elite 14’0, with an ultra-slim girth of 26 inches, a less-pointed tail and without the FFC stiffening rod. Payload is 265 lbs with an MSRP of $1649. All 5 single-person boards feature the new US Fin Box with glass race fin, updated MSL material and RSS Rocker Stiffening System. As previously mentioned, the Elites also include the new FFC stiffening rod, while the Elite 14’0 has undergone a resculpting, now featuring a razor-like tail. Prices on the four original models are also the same as 2016 at $1249, $1599, $1629 and $1799 respectively.

New Red Paddle Co Dragon 22'0 inflatable SUP

The new Dragon 22’0 promises to change the face of SUP racing. With a fairly narrow 34-inch beam, the Dragon can carry up to 4 riders, opening up the world to competitive team sports. The Dragon retains much of the same features as the rest of the race family, with profiled nose and high sides. Other features include 8 carrying handles, an extra-long deck pad and three inflation valves. The Dragon comes with a carrying tarp and three HP EZee pumps. MSRP $2499.

Red Paddle Co Multiple Paddler Boards for 2017

New 14'0 Ride L from Red Paddler for up to 4 paddlers

Besides the Dragon 22’0, in the multi-user category the new 14’0″ x 48″ Ride L joins the current “big boy” 17’0″ x 60″ Ride XL. While the Ride XL can handle up to 8 paddlers, making it great for larger events and family activities, the Ride L is focused on small families or groups of friends – up to four paddlers. Both boards are 8 inches thick and come with the integrated RAM mount socket, carrying tarp and multiple HP EZee pumps, inflation valves and handles – three pumps for the L and four for the XL. MSRP is $2999 and $3299 respectively.

New Titan SUP Pump from Red Paddle Co

Updated Titan twin cylinder pump with multiple adaptors

All the boards – except the smaller 8’10” Whip, 9’4 Snapper and the larger behemoths – come with the popular Titan twin-cylinder hand pump. For 2017, the Titan has undergone some structural redesign to make it more rugged and efficient, resulting in a killer pump. The “new” Titan now comes with additional multiple adaptors – such as Boston valve, nozzle and screw-ons – that work with numerous inflatable kayaks/canoes, kites and air mattresses. Better yet, the pump gauge now registers real-time pressure, and comes with a clip to keep the handle from “telescoping” while moving. MSRP increases slightly to $149.99. The new Titan pump will be available in 2017.

Updated 2017 Wheeled BackPack

Updated roller backpack with foil lining and paddle holder
Not to be outdone, the popular wheeled backpack – which comes with all Red Paddle Co boards except the 3 “giants” – has also been tweaked. The new backpack comes with a partial foil lining to protect the boards from extreme heat. A new, integrated “paddle holder” system neatly allows one to keep their optional breakdown paddle contained. MSRP remains the same at $149.95. The new backpack will be available in 2017.

2017 Red Paddle Co SUP paddles

New Red Paddle Co Sport 11'3

The 2017 Red Paddle Co paddle line has also been revamped with the new Leverlock adjustment system, allowing one to easily change the paddle length “on the fly.” The three-piece breakdowns are available in aluminum, fiberglass and carbon, and can be adjusted from 170cm to 210/220cm. Prices range from $99 (kid’s version) to $329.


The 2017 Red Paddle Co boards are in transit, available 10.31.17 – pre-orders are being accepted. Visit the Red Paddle Co product pages at

You can also watch a YouTube video overview on the new product line.

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