Innova’s New 2017 Inflatable Kayak and Canoe Lineup

The year 2016 brought some major changes to the US-based Innova kayak product line, when the company and assets were acquired by Gumotex, Innova’s parent company.

New Innova Seawave inflatable kayak for 1-2+ paddlers.

For decades, Gumotex has been known in Europe as a manufacturer of high-quality inflatable kayaks and canoes that can be inflated to 3-PSI, making them more rigid for better performance. With the transfer of assets, Gumotex committed to bringing more models into the US in conjunction with a fresh look to the Innova product line.

Innova Twist I LN in the new lite nitrilon material

The first step in 2016 included updates to the Innova Twist and Swing inflatable kayaks. The Twist and Swing models are now constructed from Light Nitrilon (LN), a lighter-weight version of the rugged material used in the traditional Innova Sunny, Helios and Safari models. Light Nitrilon is known for making the kayaks more rigid as well as water and abrasion resistant, without substantially increasing weight. It’s also PVC-free, thus environmentally friendly. Additionally, the Twist line was redesigned with removable, adjustable seating.

Swing Inflatable Kayaks now in green or red.

For 2017, more design changes, color choices, lower prices and new models are in transit, including new options for 1-2+ paddlers. The popular Swing I/II and Twist I/II will be available in green and grey as well as the traditional black and red. The Swing EX has been redesigned with Light Nitrilon construction, but remains in the one green color. The Swings now also come with a soft, carrying sack similar to the Twists.

Two “new” models – Seawave and Alfonso – have been available in Europe, but will now enter the US/Canada market.

Innova Seawave touring inflatable kayak for 1-2+ paddlers.The Innova Seawave is a 14’9″ touring kayak  for 1-2+ paddlers with the option to attach single and double decks for protection from the elements, as well as adding a third seat. At a mere 29 lbs, the Seawave is super-lightweight with a 31″ beam and constructed from Nitrilon. MSRP $999.

Alfonso inflatable fishing boat

The Innova Alfonso is an inflatable fishing boat for up to three persons, also constructed from Nitrilon. At 14’1″ and a wide beam of 49″, the Alfonso weighs 75 lbs with plenty of room for gear. A built-in transom allows one to use a small motor. MSRP $1599.

Three other models sport a redesign – the Solar, Safari and Vagabond.

Innova Solar 410C in red

Similar in styling to the original Sunny, the new Innova Solar 410C is a 13’5″ recreational kayak for 1-2+ paddlers – with the ability to add an optional third seat. Constructed from Nitrylon, the 37 lb kayak has a weight capacity of 595 lbs. It’s a great choice for calm waters, rivers and bays. The Solar 410C comes in a choice of red or green colors. MSRP $749.

Innova Safari 330 boasts a longer waterline.

The updated Safari 330C is now 8 inches longer (10’8″) with a wider 31 inch beam. The Safari features self-bailing ports and comes with a carrying pack and thigh straps – perfect for whitewater. The price on the new Safari 330C has been reduced from $899 to $699.

Innova Vagabond inflatable canoe for 1-2+ paddlers.

The Innova Vagabond 1-3 person inflatable canoe has been redesigned with a sportier look. At 12’5″ with a 38″ width, the updated Vagabond weighs 38 lbs with a weight capacity of 528 lbs. Foam-covered plywood seats allow one to paddle sitting or kneeling, with the ability to carry lots of gear or add an optional third seat. The price is lower for 2017, now reduced from $1199 to $899.

Innova Halibut inflatable kayak for anglers

With the organizational changes came some additional lower prices on some of the standard models for 2017. The Twist 1 and Twist 2 LN decreased from $449 and $549 respectively, to $399 and $519.  The Innova Halibut fishing kayak dropped from $1499 to $1199.

Three popular models – the Innova Sunny and both Helios I and Helios II – are being retired. All remaining inventory now feature reduced prices of $699, 749 and $849, respectively.

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