2018 Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Lineup

We recently received details on Red Paddle Co’s exciting inflatable SUP lineup being introduced for 2018.

Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem

Red Paddle Co boards are well-known throughout the world for their ruggedness, innovation and performance. Each of the boards utilize high pressure drop-stitch technology – allowing them to be inflated from 18-20 PSI – and feature quadruple rail construction with double layering. In 2015, Red Paddle introduced the game-changing Titan dual action pump. The following year, Red Paddle introduced a technologically innovative new process named Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology. In the past, the “board within a board” was glued together, creating extra weight and the potential for hand-gluing errors. The new process consisted of industrially fusing the second layer of polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage. The end result was a material structurally more sound, even more rigid, as well as lighter – in fact, many of the MSL boards are now 5-10 lbs lighter than previous models.

Integrated RAM mount socket with optional RAM mount.

During 2017, Red Paddle racked up numerous awards throughout the product line, including Gear of the Year from Outside, Men’s Journal and Backpacker magazines. In 2017, Red introduced the integrated RAM mount socket to many of the boards, allowing one to add a universal RAM mount socket, available in two sizes. With this socket, paddlers can purchase a myriad of RAM mounts, allowing one to attach a cell phone holder, camera mount, fishing gear, Go-Pro fixture and cup holders.  The threads also work with RailBlaza accessories.

Red Paddle Co 2018 Lineup

2018 heralds the 10-year anniversary of the brand. For 2018, Red Paddle Co has 23 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10 to to 22’0. This includes the introduction of one new model – the Voyager Tandem 15’0” – 6 renames, a limited-edition anniversary model, a consolidation of the racing boards, revamped graphics and added features on several of the current models. Prices are generally remaining the same with some slight decreases over 2017. For 2018, Red Paddle continues to tweak the material across the entire product line, making the injected, reinforced second layer thicker with increased bond strength.

Except for the boards featuring fixed fins (Rides, Snapper) the Reds with removable fins continue to use a fairly standard US Fin box which fits 90% of the fins on the market. Theses are divided into two types – the Sports, Explorers and Whip now feature FCS Connect Tool-less Fin Systems which quickly snap into position without need for hardware or tools, yet now come with a finger screw to ensure the fins are secure. The racing boards (Elites, Max Races) come with a glass race fin. Each board will also include an extra screw in the repair kit.

Extended bungee deck lacing.

Other smaller tweaks include a third d-ring with extended bungee deck lacing and a change in the deck pad graphics. The carrying handles now sport embroidered logos, making them softer to the touch.

2018 Recreational and Touring Series Inflatable Paddle Boards

Red Paddle Co Recreational/Touring Series

For 2018, Red Paddle Co is maintaining status-quo on construction for many of the models.

2018 Red Paddle Co Sport models

2018 Red Paddle Co Sport 11'3

Winner of Outside Magazine’s 2017 SUP of the Year award, the Sport 11-3 is rapidly becoming the SUP of choice for flat water paddling, just as the iconic Ride 10-6 is for all-water paddling.

Each of the three Sports – 11-0, 11-3 and 12-6 – bring in the new year without major changes. Minor tweaks include the 3rd d-ring with extended bungee deck lacing, retaining pin for the fins and a graphic redesign. Prices will remain at the 2017 level for the Sport 11’0 and Sport 12’6 at $1449 and $1599 respectively; the Sport 11’3 will drop slightly to $1499.

2018 Red Paddle Co Ride Series

2018 Red Paddle Co Limited Edition Ride 10'6

The best-selling Ride “all-around use” trio – the Ride 9’8, the Ride 10’6 and the Ride 10’8 will continue into 2018 without major changes except for redesigned graphics, upgraded deck pads, and the extended deck lacing in coordinating colors. In celebration of the 10-year anniversary, Red Paddle is also producing a Limited Edition Ride 10’6 in an alternate color scheme. While the Ride 10’6 remains the same price of $1299, the Ride 9’8 and Ride 10’8 will see price drops to $1199 and $1349.

2018 Red Paddle Co Voyager Series

2018 Red Paddle Co Voyager 13'2

The Explorer 12’6 and 13’2 touring models have been renamed the Voyager. The new Voyager 12’6 and Voyager 13’2 remain fairly unchanged in design except for the following tweaks: new graphics, updated MSL material, extended deck lacing in a coordinating color, second set of d-rings, FCS Connect Tool-less fin system with retaining pin. The Rocker Sitiffening System (RSS) side battens have been added to the Voyager 12’6 . Prices remain the same as $1599 and $1649 respectively.

2018 Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem

Big news is the introduction of the Voyager Tandem – a 15-foot model built for two paddlers. The Voyager Tandem features seven carry handles, two luggage spaces with tie-downs, one removable fin, two inflation valves and two pumps – one Titan pump and one HP pump – allowing two people to share in the joy. Width is 34 inches with a thicker 8-inch deep material. A neat feature – by removing the second set of tie-downs, one can bring along a third small companion. The board can be paddled by one or two, and can also become the ultimate cargo carrier. MSRP is $1999.

The two remaining “big boys” in the lineup – the Ride L 14’0 and Ride XL 17’0 continue into 2018 with no visual, structural or price changes.

2018 Red Paddle Co Specialty Boards

Included in the specialty series are six models – the Whip 8’10 surfing model, the Snapper 9’4 youth SUP, the Wild 9’6 downriver/whitewater board (previously called the Flow), the Activ 10’8 yoga fitness model and the two windsurf models – the 10’7 Wind (previously called the 10’7 WindSUP) and the 10’7 WindSurf. All the models feature graphic redesigns. The Whip features a single US Fin box with a surf-oriented FCS fin. All other models (except the Activ and Wild) have the FCS Connect Tool-less fin system with retaining pin. The yoga Activ 10’8 continues with the three fixed fins, but now has two d-rings on either side of the handle and velcro paddle attachment. The whitewater Wild 9’6 comes with four fixed fins and a US fin box, which allows one to purchase an aftermarket deep water fin. The windsurf models feature an integrated mast foot built into the board and two fins. The basic 10’7 Wind now comes with a second removable center dagger system. The Windsurf 10’7 has a specifically designed sure-fin daggerboard slot through the center of the SUP, providing increased tracking and lateral control when in windsurf mode. Neither board comes with a sail, but the built-in mast mount can accommodate most windsurf sails on the market. All models retain the same pricing for 2018 except for price drops on the Snapper 9’4, the Activ 10’8 and the 10’7 Wind at $1049, $1399 and $1399 respectively.

2018 Red Paddle Co Racing models

Red Paddle Co Racing Series

For 2018, Red Paddle has focused on streamlining and expanding their racing series, which now includes 7 models. The original Race 12’6 and Race 14’0 have now been folded into the Elite lineup. The four Elite models now consist of the Elite 12’6 and Elite 14’0 with two width choices – standard and thin. The Elite 12-6 now comes in a slimmer 26-inch width for more advanced riders and a standard 28-inch width for less experienced riders, or those over 240 lbs. The Elite 14’0 is the same, but with a slim 25 inch width and a standard 27 inch width. All boards feature the Forward Flex control (FCC) rods which stiffen the nose, updated graphics and glass fin.

2018 Red Paddle Co Elite 12'6

A scaled-down version – the Max Race 10’6 – is also available in two widths for youth and small adults. The Max Race 10’6 24-inch width is for those weighing up to 135 lbs, while a 26-inch width is for “larger” small people up to 160 lbs. The Max Race also features updated graphics and glass fin.

2018 Red Paddle Co Dragon 22'0

Last year’s new model – the multi-paddler Dragon 22’0 continues in the line with no changes. With a fairly narrow 34-inch beam, the Dragon can carry up to 4 riders, and has already opened up the SUP world to competitive team sports.

Prices remain the same on the Max Race and Dragon, but the Elite 12’6s and 14’0s now feature lower prices of $1599 and $1699 respectively.

Red Paddle Co 2018 Accessories.

The Titan pump continues to undergo structural and operational tweaks to make it more rugged and efficient, yet outwardly remains substantially the same. All the boards – except the smaller 8’10” Whip, 9’4 Snapper and the larger behemoths – come with the popular Titan twin-cylinder hand pump. For 2018, the Titan has a slightly lower price of $139.

The Red Paddle Co cargo net, dry bag, Schraeder valve adaptor, both leashes – flat or coiled – and paddle choices continue into 2018. The paddles consist of the carbon and carbon/nylon, glass and glass/nylon and aluminum alloy breakdown paddles. All paddles are adjustable and feature updated color schemes and the new Leverlock system (except for the alloy which features the pushpin system). Prices remain the same.

For 2018, the popular wheeled backpack – which comes with all Red Paddle Co boards except the 4 “giants” – is available in two versions. The standard backpack with partial foil lining and integrated “paddle holder” system is now called the Classic. The Classic is included with all the specialty and race boards.  The new Red Original All Terrain backpack features improvements on the straps as well as cushion padding at the lower back, making it more comfortable to carry.  Other tweaks include an improved “strap stash” system to easily hide the straps when not used as a backpack, red stitching details, and an interior front pocket to house the fin. The All-Terrain bag will be included with the recreational boards (Rides, Sports and Voyagers.) The new All-Terrain backpack will be available in 2018 with an MSRP at $149.95.

The 2018 Red Paddle Co boards and accessories are in transit, arriving Oct. 23rd – pre-orders are being accepted. To order or for more information, visit the Red Paddle Co product pages at

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