Guide to Choosing Your 2018 Hala Gear Inflatable Paddle Board

Well-known for eye-catching graphics and innovative technology, Hala Gear is one of the handful of standup paddle board companies focused on the inflatables market – most feature hard-shells with a few inflatables thrown into the mix.

Founded in 2011 by Peter Hall, Hala Gear headquarters is based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The company philosophy is committed to performance, durability and quality – in fact, each of the Hala inflatable boards carries a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hala 2018 Inflatable SUP Lineup

For 2018, Hala has 20 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 6’11” to 14’0″. This includes the introduction of 3 new models – the Carbon Playita 9’0″, Rival Nass 12’0″ and Rival Playa 11’0″ – and some minor revamped graphics on several of the boards. Boards range in price from $999 to $1599.

As shape, thickness and construction all make a difference in a board’s performance under varying conditions, we’ll first give a little insight into the thought-process behind Hala boards.

Hala boards have three general construction types – carbon, core and fusion. The Carbon boards feature a carbon/kevlar-type woven stringer, strategically placed to give an extra layer down the central length of the board – think “rigidity and performance.” The Core boards are constructed with two layers of drop-stitch material and are typically found in the boards that will see more hard “core” action – think “bombproof.” The Fusion SUPs utilize a newer laminating technology that saves material and weight, think “lighter” and “value-priced.”

Besides construction type, the rocker (how straight or curved is the side view from nose to tail) makes a difference in board attributes. Hala has three generic types – glide, progressive and full. The Glide Rocker feature a slight rise in the nose and tail, which increases glide and speed, yet still allows some maneuverability. The Full Rocker boards have a more precise and pronounced curvature from tip-to-tail for superior maneuverability and surfability – great for surf and whitewater. The Progressive Rocker sits in-between the two, allowing the boards to be playful yet maneuverable – more “all-round.” The photo above shows the Glide Rocker, followed by the Progressive Rocker, then Full Rocker.

Hala Back Country Comfort Rolling Backpack

All 2018 Hala iSUPs come with the Back Country Comfort Rolling Backpack or Travel Tough Backpack – both feature integrated wheels, making it easier to thread through airport lobbies, while still comfortable enough to pack into the remote country. All boards come with the Hala pump and pressure gauge, a nifty little 12-volt car pump that allows you to fill out the board quickly, repair kit and instructions. The Rival series and Asana fitness board – called the Straight-To-The-Water package – also include an adjustable, aluminum breakdown paddle.

With all the models, activity types, sizes and features, how does one choose the best board? We’ve put together a comparison chart on each of the boards – use this guide to take away some of the guesswork when looking at the myriad of options with Hala iSUPs.

How do you use the following tables? First, ascertain your size from the list:

  • Big & Tall – 210+ lbs and 6’1″ plus inches in height
  • Average – 140-200 lbs, 5’7″ to 6’0″ inches in height
  • Small – Under 140 lbs, Under 5’7″ inches in height
  • Child – Under 100 lbs, under 5’0 inches in height


Hala Carbon Hoss Inflatable SUP

Then decide the type(s) of paddling you want to do (paddling situations):

  • Touring – Ocean, waves, long paddles
  • Recreational – Lakes, sloughs, slower rivers, coastal, calm
  • Whitewater – Fast-moving maneuvering with eddies, drops.
  • Downriver – Wide-open moving water.
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Racing
  • Yoga/Athletic
  • Expedition – island hopping, camping, long paddles
  • Adaptive – boards more appropriate for handicapped paddlers or those with special needs

Determine what attributes are important (or not!) to you – do you want tracking or maneuverability? Stability or speed?

Rank your experience level, realizing that the more you get out on the water, the better you will get. More experienced paddlers can get away with smaller boards. (AirKayaks note: While several of the boards are “not recommended” for advanced paddlers, this is based on the premise that advanced paddlers are looking for more performance-oriented boards. Certainly, advanced paddlers would be able to use any of the boards.)

Last of all, will this be used by various members of the family? Do you want the ability to bring along a child, dog or gear? Might two people be on this together?

Follow the color key to decide what board is good for varying sizes and activities:

Blue – The board is great!
Green – The board is good.
Yellow – This board is not recommended.

Hala Radito

For instance, if you were 5 feet 10 inches with a weight of 180 lbs, and running whitewater rivers was the highest priority with a bit of recreational paddling, the Radito would be a good choice. But, if you wished to do predominantly recreational paddling with a bit of whitewater, surfing and a little bit of fishing thrown in, the Carbon Straight-Up 10’6″ would be a better all-round board.

For easier viewing, the Hala boards in the following tables have been separated into three categories: Carbon, Rival Fusion and Specialty/Core. If you are having trouble viewing the details in the three tables, follow this link for a larger, zoomable and printable PDF version of the Choosing Your 2018 Hala Inflatable Paddle Board iSUP.

And many thanks to Hala Gear’s technical guru, Jake Castle, who played an integral part in piecing together this information!

(AirKayaks note: There are an additional 6 Hala Boards focused on surfing, that we have not included in this list).

2018 Hala Carbon Inflatable SUPS

Hala Carbon Nass Inflatable SUP

This section outlines the Carbon models, featuring the carbon stringer for rigidity and performance. This includes the Carbon Nass-T 14’0″, Carbon Nass 12’6″, Carbon Playa 10’11”, Carbon Hoss 11’0″ and the Carbon Straight-Up 10’6″.

Hala Carbon Construction Paddle Boards2018 Hala Comparison - Carbon SUPS

2018 Hala Fusion Inflatable “Straight-to-the-Water” SUP Packages

This section outlines the Rival Fusion “price-point” models which are durable yet lighter-weight, and come packaged with an aluminum breakdown paddle and more streamlined backpack. This includes the Rival Hoss 10’10”, Rival Straight-Up 10’0″ and the two new models, the Rival Playa 11’0″ and Rival Nass 12’0″.Hala Fusion Construction Line UpHala 2018 Rival Fusion Inflatable SUPs

2018 Hala Specialty/Core Inflatable SUPS

Hala Asana Inflatable SUP

The table below outlines the specialty boards, which include the Core models with a more rugged construction. This includes the Asana 10’6″, Fame 11’3″, Daze 11’11”, Radito 10’0″ and Atcha 9’6″.

Hala Core Construction Paddle BoardsHala 2018 Core Inflatable SUPs

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can view details on the various Hala Inflatable SUPS at Or feel free to contact us with questions at, or call 707-998-0135.

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