Video: Advanced Elements Sport DS High-Pressure Inflatable Kayak

Our latest video on the new Sport DS Inflatable Kayak – manufactured by Advanced Elements exclusively for

The new Sport DS high-pressure inflatable kayak is fun, nimble and paddles beautifully. Compact and lightweight with a 4-6 PSI floor, the Sport DS features a simpler, streamlined, open cockpit design best suited for lakes, bays, calm rivers and inland waters. At 10 feet 5 inches, 28 lbs and a payload of 250 lbs, the Sport DS is perfect for all ages and experience levels, appealing to price-conscious individuals who simply want performance.

The Sport DS is fourth in AirKayaks’ high-pressure inflatable kayak series, joining the 10’10” AdvancedFrame DS XL, the AdvancedFrame DS XLC with zip out deck, and the Convertible DS tandem for one or two paddlers.

The Sport DS series for AirKayaks comes with upgraded accessories:

  • High-pressure double action pump with a pressure gauge
  • High-backed lumbar seat
  • Blue diamond rip stop fabric
  • 4-6 PSI inflatable drop stitch floor for extreme rigidity compared to the standard pvc floor.

For more info on set up, features, specification and performance, see our detailed product review/write-up with photos on the Advanced Elements Sport DS inflatable Kayak. To purchase, visit the Sport DS product page at You can also contact us at or give us a call at 707-998-0135.

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