AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2019

We recently received details on AquaGlide’s inflatable kayak and paddle board product line for 2019.

AquaGlide Chelan 155 HB XL Inflatable Kayak

A division of North Sports Inc, the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily over the past 15 years, encompassing water sports products such as commercial and residential water trampolines, tow toys, recreational water equipment and the highly popular Multisport 270 – an inflatable windsurf/sailboat/pull toy/kayak combo.

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Now entering the sixth season as a major manufacturer of inflatable kayaks and SUPs, AquaGlide’s paddling line has dramatically expanded the options available to water enthusiasts looking for portability.

Last summer, the North Sports product line, including the AquaGlide series, was purchased by Connelly Skis of Lynwood, Washington. Established in 1965, Connelly Skis is well known for their water skis and water sports equipment. While the North Sports headquarters shifted to Lynwood, the AquaGlide product line remains intact, with some minor updates for 2019.

The 2019 inflatable product line consists of 21 models including six paddle boards and 15 inflatable kayaks. The AquaGlide kayak models include the Rogue, Chinook, Columbia, Chelan, Blackfoot and Klickitat series. The SUP line includes the Cascades and Blackfoot fishing boards.

The overriding change consists of a new naming structure for all the models. The new names focus on the kayak length to help minimize confusion among potential customers.

AquaGlide Chinook 95 Inflatable Kayak

The three Chinooks are being reintroduced as the Chinook 90, 100 and 120 XL while the Rogue 2 becomes the Rogue 100.

AquaGlide Columbia 140 XL Inflatable Kayak

The Columbia One, Two and Tandem XL models will be renamed Columbia 110, 130 and 145 XL.

AquaGlide Klickitat 125 HB Inflatable Kayak

The high-pressure Chelans are now the Chelan 120 HB, 140 HB and 155 HB XL, while the Blackfoot SL and XL become the Blackfoot Angler 110 HB and 125 HB, and the Klickitats become the Klickitat 95 HB and 125 HB.

AquaGlide Chinook Series

Along this line, the Chinook 90, Columbia 110, Chelan 120 HB, Blackfoot 110 HB and Klickitat 95 HB are all single-paddler models while the Chinook 100, Columbia 130, Chelan 140 HB, Blackfoot Angler 125 HB and Klickitat 125 HB are models for 1 or 2 paddlers. The remaining three XL models – Chinook 120 XL, Columbia 140 XL and Chelan 155 HB XL – are longer kayaks designed for 1-2+ people, allowing paddlers to bring along a child, furry friend or extra gear.

The name changes will be rolled out throughout 2019.

AquaGlide Blackfoot Angler XL set up for solo paddling.

The current high pressure line – including the Blackfoots, Chelans and Klickitat kayaks – will feature screw-in drain plugs rather than the current friction-fit plugs. This will minimize potential issues of water leaking into the kayak.

AquaGlide Cascade 10 Inflatable SUP

On the paddleboard side, the Cascade 10, 11 and 12, as well as the Blackfoot Angler 11 and Angler Tandem continue unchanged. The new WIndsup series – Cascade 11 WS arrived midway through the summer of 2018. These come as a stand-alone board with integrated windsurf mount, as well as packages with a 4.2 or 5.2 meter sail rigs.

Prices continue into 2019 with no changes.

The updated high pressure models are in transit and will be available on the AirKayaks website in late March. Stay tuned for details or you can get on our Notification List as info becomes available.

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