Sneak Preview: Innova Thaya Hi-Pressure Dropstitch Inflatable Kayak for 2+ Paddlers

Late last year we had the opportunity to take our first look at Innova’s newest product for 2019, the Thaya DS inflatable kayak. Designed for 1 to 2+ paddlers, the Thaya DS is a 13′ 5″ inch 7-PSI touring kayak – similar in design to the Innova Solar – now featuring a unique blend of Innova’s traditional Nitrilon material and dropstitch technology.

Innova Thaya Inflatable Kayak

The Innova line is unique for a number of reasons. First, all the kayaks are handmade in the Czech Republic – the factory has manufactured inflatable boats for well over 50 years. Secondly, the manufacturing process produces kayaks that can become quite compact, making them a great choice for travel. And third, the kayaks are environmentally-friendly as they are mostly PVC-free.

The Innova Thaya DS is constructed from a 1200 denier rubber-coated laminate material called Nitrilon (also referred to as Nitrylon) – this consists of a synthetic rubber coating over polyester on the inside and outside of the tube.

Nitrilon is the same material used in high-end Zodiac-type yacht tenders, and is stronger, more abrasion and puncture-resistant than PVC as well as being greener – there is minimal out-gassing.

The Thaya is different from Innova’s other kayaks, as the Nitrilon material is used for the floor’s drop stitch construction.

Drop-stitch technology consists of two layers of fabric held together by thousands of threads, allowing the chambers to be inflated to much higher pressures. This creates a kayak body that is quite rigid, stable and maneuverable. The Thaya features a 34 inch beam with a max payload of 595 lbs (persons and gear) and weight of 39 lbs.

Innova Thaya on the water.

Features include molded rubber carrying handles, tie-lines, two inflatable seats, two inflatable foot braces, multiple d-rings, gear rigging, removable tracking fin, a nifty 80-liter backpack, repair kit and sponge.

The Thaya is touted for 1-2+ paddlers; the numerous d-ring attachment points allow one to reposition the seats for optimal paddling comfort, as well as for securing extra gear, or adding an optional seat to carry a child. The Nitrilon material is rugged and easy to clean, yet still packs up extremely flat and compact.

Innova Thaya is portable

The Innova Thaya is estimated to be available in the States in late April or early May, with an MSRP of $1199. Stay tuned, we will have our detailed write-up on the Innova Thaya next month. You can also ask to get on our Notification List at AirKayaks for further updates on availability.

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