2020 Kokopelli Inflatable Packraft Product Line – What’s New

During the 2019 Paddlesports Retailer show in Oklahoma City, Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. unveiled their 2020 lineup of inflatable packrafts and gear.

Kokopelli Inflatable Packrafts

For those unfamiliar with the term, “packrafts” are loosely defined as an inflatable raft weighing under 10 lbs, that can easily be packed/rolled up, making them a great choice for accessing remote locations. While the sport originated in Alaska, the popularity is rapidly expanding globally.

Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. of Denver, Colorado entered the packraft market in 2014, beginning with a handful of models. Last year’s Kokopelli line-up consisted of three Lake series – the Hornet Lite, Castaway XL and the Twain Tandem; three Whitewater models – the Nirvana Self-bailing, Nirvana Spray Deck and the beefy Recon; and two Adventure models – Rogue and Rogue Lite.

Kokopelli Packraft 2020 Lineup

For 2020, Kokopelli continues to streamline their current packrafts as well as expand into the inflatable kayak market, with the addition of two new models, graphic updates, some material changes and pricing increases.

Kokopelli Packraft past season sales event

The biggest change is in the Lake series with the introduction of Kokopelli’s first inflatable kayaks – the Moki and the Moki Lite – designed to fill-in gaps to the product line.

Kokopelli Moki I Inflatable Kayak

The Moki is a high-pressure kayak designed for flatwater paddling through Class II. Features include a dropstitch floor, open cockpit design, HR military valves, tracking fin, integrated bungee deck-lacing and storage areas, and the option for a zip-on deck with coaming for spray skirts. The Moki comes with a carrying bag, Nano pump with gauge and repair kit.

Kokopelli Moki I inflatable kayaks

The Moki measures 13 feet by 37 inches, weighs in at 32 lbs with a 500 lb payload, and can take an optional single deck for more enclosed paddling. MSRP is $799 for the kayak and $149.95 for the spraydeck.

Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak

At 10’3″ the Moki-Lite is a smaller, lighter, more open version without a removable deck option. Features include a dropstitch floor, push-push valves, removable tracking fin, adjustable foot brace, extremely comfortable EVA seat with storage, bungee deck-lacing, paddle holders and d-rings for attaching gear.  The Moki-Lite features a 6 PSI high-pressure floor with 3 PSI side tubes. At less than 10 minutes to set up, the launch time can be cut in half by utilizing Kokopelli’s optional new Feather pump for initial inflation. MRSP is $699 with the Nano pump.

The Castaway XL has been retired, while the Twain remains as the only tandem packraft. The Twain will be available in yellow. Prices will be increasing to $1249 base and $1399 with tizip.

Kokopelli XPD Inflatable Packraft

The 2020 Adventure series now consists of three models – Rogue, Rogue-Lite, and the new XPD Packraft. While the XPD packraft is based on the Rogue-Lite profile, the XPD features a more beefed-up construction for rigorous use on flat water and lakes through Class II. The hull is constructed from a reinforced 0.9mm (1000 denier) PVC, yet still packs down to the size of a large sleeping bag. The XPD sports GRI push-push military valves, rather than the Leafield D4 valves found on the previous packrafts. XPD dimensions are the same as the Rogue Lite at 85 by 37 inches, but weighs in at 13 lbs with a payload of 300 lbs. The XPD will be available in two colors – red and green – as well as with tizip. MSRP is $749 to $899 for the tizip version.

Kokopelli Rogue Inflatable Packraft

There are no major changes to the Rogue-Lite or Rogue packrafts. Both come in yellow with-or-without tizip – the green color has been retired. MSRP has increased slightly to $899 and $1099, or $1049 and $1249 with tizip.

Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft

The 2020 Whitewater series consists of the three current models – Nirvana Spraydeck, Nirvana Self Bailer and the beefy Recon – each with tizip options. While there has been no change to the dimensional specifications or weights on all three models, the Nirvana prices are increasing to $1249 base, or $1399 with tizip, and the green color has been retired.

Rugged Kokopelli Recon inflatable packraft

The Recon price remains the same at $899, or $1049 with tizip.

Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft

All the existing packrafts – Rogues, Rogue Lites, Nirvanas and Twain – have refreshed logos and are moving to a more rugged floor material comprised of a DuPont Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend.  Weights range from 4.9 to 18 lbs for the packrafts, and 32 lbs for the Moki. All come with an inflator bag (Packrafts), foot pump with gauge (Recon) or Nano hand pump (Moki).

Kokopelli packraft in whitewater

The 2019 models are in stock; the updated 2020 series and two new models are now in stock. The Moki Lite will follow in May. Contact us if you want to get on the notification list.

Interested in saving some money while beating the 2020 price increases? A handful of 2018 Kokopelli Castaway XL packraft models – both open and with spray deck – are available at 25% off, while the past season 2019 Kokopelli packraftsRogue, Rogue Lite, Nirvanas and Twain – are on sale at 15% off.

Need help selecting the right Kokopelli packraft? See our 2020 Guide to Choosing Your Kokopelli Packraft.

Visit the Kokopelli Product Pages at for details.

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