AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2020

We recently received details on AquaGlide’s inflatable kayak and paddle board product line for 2020.

AquaGlide 2020 product line of inflatables

Originally a division of North Sports Inc, the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily to encompass water sports products such as commercial and residential water trampolines, tow toys, recreational water equipment and the highly popular Multisport 270 – an inflatable windsurf/sailboat/pull toy/kayak combo.

Last summer, the North Sports product line, including the AquaGlide series, was purchased by Connelly Skis of Lynwood, Washington. Established in 1965, Connelly Skis is well known for their water skis and water sports equipment.

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Now entering the seventh season, AquaGlide’s paddling line of inflatable kayaks and SUPs has dramatically expanded the options available to water enthusiasts looking for portability.

AquaGlide's 2020 Chinook 120 XL inflatable kayaks

For 2020, the AquaGlide inflatable kayak line has undergone a major redesign, with the retirement of 6 models, a facelift for 3 models, and the introduction of 7 new models. The paddle board line remains the same, except for the removal of the Cascade 11 WindSup.

Biggest news is the introduction of two new series, the Deschutes and the Navarros. The Deschutes consist of simple-to-setup, lightweight, recreational kayaks while the Navarros are high pressure models with the ability to use zip-in spray decks for enclosed solo or tandem paddling.

AquaGlide Deschutes 130

The Deschutes line features three kayak models with Aquaglide’s innovative new “feather” frame. The kayaks are constructed with Duratex fabric-reinforced PVC main chambers and a non-removable, non-inflatable EVA foam floor. Integrated, inflatable cross piece(s) provide structural stability. This results in a kayak that is very easy to inflate (two main chambers and thwart), lighter weight (no separate floor), very easy to dry and more packable. Other features include a removable tracking fin, military valves, rear storage well, Core 2.0 seat, splash guards, molded handles, bungee lacing and drain wells.

AquaGLide Deschute 110 Inflatable Kayak

The Deschutes 110 is for solo paddling, measuring 11 feet by 34 inches with a 300 lb payload and three chambers (2 side chambers and a thwart). Retail price is $599.99. See our Detailed Product Review on the Deschutes 110.

AquaGLide Deschutes 130 inflatable kayak

The Deschutes 130 is a roomier single for larger paddlers or those needing room for gear. With a 13 foot waterline, 39″ width and three chambers (2 side chambers and a thwart), the Deschutes 130 is capable of carrying 400 lbs. MSRP is $699.99. See our Detailed Product Review on the Deschutes 130.

AquaGlide Deschutes 145 XL inflatable tandem kayak

The Deschutes 145 is set up for tandem paddling, with a 14.5 foot length, 40 inch width and a capacity of 600 lbs. There are four inflation chambers – two sides and two thwarts. MSRP is $799.99. See our Detailed Product Review on the Deschutes 145.

AquaGlide's new Navarro series of inflatable kayaks

AquaGlide’s Navarro series consists of three high-pressure recreational decked models. The Navarro’s feature 600 denier ripstop shells, 6 PSI floors, Boston and military valves, bungee deck lacing, integrated storage hatches, paddle holders, removable tracking fins, Core 2.0 seats, cockpit drain, molded handles and the ability to use a spray skirt.

AquaGLide Navarro 110 inflatable kayak

The Navarro 110 is for solo paddling, measuring 11’4″ by 34 inches with three inflation chambers (two main tubes and floor), an enclosed, fixed deck and a 300 lb. payload. MSRP is $599.99. See our Detailed Product Review on the Navarro 110.

AquaGlide Navarro 130 Inflatable Kayak

The Navarro 130 is also for solo paddling, featuring a longer waterline of 13′ x 39 inches and more open seating for larger paddlers or those needing more room for gear. An optional, zippering solo deck can be purchased to create more enclosed seating with the ability to add a spray skirt. MSRP is $699 while the optional deck is $79.99.

AquaGlide Navarro 145 XL Inflatable Kayak

The Navarro 145 is for solo or tandem paddling, sporting a 14’5″ length, 40″ width and 600 lb payload. The open cockpit design features optional single and double zip-in decks for more enclosed paddling, and the ability to add spray skirts. There are 5 chambers (two main bladders, high pressure floor and two deck lifts). The added length also allows one to carry more gear, or a small child/dog. MSRP is $799.99 while the optional decks are $99.99 (single) and $129.99 (double).

AquaGlide's new 2020 inflatable kayaks

The current Klickitat whitewater series is being replaced with the MacKenzie self-bailers. Each of the kayaks is built with Duratex fabric-reinforced PVC main chambers, ibeam floors, Core 2.0 seat, removable fin, four self-bailing mesh ports, molded handles, military valves, d-rings and tie down straps. The fin can be removed for whitewater conditions, or installed for flat water paddling.

AquaGlide McKenzie 105 inflatable whitewater kayak

The MacKenzie 105 is designed for solo paddling and features a 10’2 inch length, 33.5″ width, three inflation chambers (two sides and floor) and 300 lb capacity. MSRP is $749.99.

AquaGlide McKenzie 145 inflatable self-bailing kayak

The MacKenzie 125 can be used as a solo or tandem, sporting a 12’2″ length, 34.5 inch width, 3 inflation chambers (two sides and floor) and 600 lb payload. MSRP in $899.99.

AquaGlide's new Noyo inflatable kayak

Also new is the Noyo 90, an entry-level, recreational, decked model which is 9′ long with a 35″ width and 250 lb capacity. The Noyo features an enclosed deck with coaming, Core 2 seat, Boston valves, removable fin, d-rings, webbed handles, zip storage, bungee lacing, low pressure floor and paddle holders. MSRP is $379.99.

AquaGlide Chnook 100 inflatable kayak

The entry level Chinook recreational line has undergone a major facelift along with some tweaks to the design. The Chinook 90 solo remains at the current price of $349.99, while the Chinook 100 and Chinook 125 solo/tandem models have slight increases to $449.99 and $549.99 respectively.

AquaGlide Chelan 155 HB XL Inflatable Kayak

The Columbia line and Rogue 2 are being retired, while the high-pressure Chelan touring series – Chelan 110, Chelan 140 and Chelan 155 XL – and the Blackfoot angler series – Blackfoot 95 and Blackfoot 125 XL – remain unchanged.

The new models will be available on the AirKayaks website in early 2020. Stay tuned for details or you can get on our Notification List as info becomes available.

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