The 2020 Inflatable Kayak & SUP Market – What’s New

We begin 2020 with a look at some of the upcoming new inflatable kayak and SUP models that will be arriving at AirKayaks in the next few months.

Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 Pro

Advanced Elements will be introducing the StraitEdge 2 Pro – a 13-foot, high-pressure model for solo or tandem paddling. Weighing in at 41 lbs with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, the new StraitEdge 2 Pro features a more open design and more interior space. The Pro comes with open/close self-bailing ports, two foot peg systems, high-backed lumbar seats with padded bases and a backpack. MSRP is $999. Look for this in March.


For 2020, Aquaglide’s inflatable kayak line has undergone a major redesign, with the retirement of 6 models, a facelift for 3 models, and the introduction of 7 new models.

AquaGlide McKenzie 105 inflatable whitewater kayak

The Columbia, Klickitat and Rogue models have been retired. The Klickitat self-bailers will be replaced with the McKenzie whitewater line.

AquaGlide Navarro 145 XL Inflatable Kayak

The Columbia line has been replaced with the Navarros. Available in three models – two singles (Navarro 110 and Navarro 130) and a double (Navarro 145) – the recreational line now sports high-pressure floors as well as enclosed decks. The two larger models have removable deck options. Prices are $599.99, $699.99 and $799.99 respectively.

AquaGlide Chinoo

The Chinook series has a new look and color scheme, with increased pricing on the two larger models – Chinook 100 and Chinook 120XL – to $449.99 and $549.99 respectively. The Chinook 90 remains at $349.99.

AquaGLide Deschute 110 Inflatable Kayak

The new Deschutes line features three models – Deschutes 110 and Deschutes 130 single kayaks and the Deschutes 145 tandem. The Deschutes are an innovative line consisting of simple-to-setup, lightweight, recreational kayaks that are easy to dry and more packable. MSRP is $599, $699 and $799 respectively.

AquaGlide's new Noyo inflatable kayak

The entry-level, sporty little Noyo rounds out the line at $379.99

The paddle board line remains the same, except for the removal of the Cascade 11 WindSup.

The new kayaks will be arriving in late January through March. For further details on the new kayaks and changes, see our article AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2020.

Hala Gear

There are no changes to the Hala inflatable SUP line for 2020 – Hala operates on a two-year design run, so look for updates in 2021.


2019 featured major changes to Innova Kayak, with many models crossing over to the rugged Nitrilon material. For 2020, the Innova kayak linueup remains the same except for the introduction of two new models.

Innova Rush 2 Inflatable Kayak

The Innova Rush and Rush II inflatable kayaks feature high-pressure, dropstitch floors and removable decks. The 11’8″ Rush solo is similar in design to the current Swings. The 13’9″ Rush Tandem can be paddled solo or double and features an optional removable single or double deck. Prices are $899 and $1429 respectively. The optional decks range from $229 to $329.

Further details on the Rush can be seen in this video:

Kokopelli Packraft

For 2020, Kokopelli continues to streamline their current packrafts – as well as expand into the inflatable kayak market – with the addition of two new models, graphic updates, some material changes and pricing increases.

Kokopelli Moki I inflatable kayaks

The biggest change is in the Kokopelli Lake series with the introduction of Kokopelli’s first inflatable kayak – the Moki – designed to fill-in gaps to the product line. The 12-ft. Moki is a high-pressure kayak designed for flatwater paddling through Class II, with options for a zip-on deck. MSRP is $799 for the kayak, $149.95 for the deck.

Kokopelli XPD Inflatable Packraft

The 2020 Adventure series now consists of three models – Rogue, Rogue-Lite, and the new XPD Packraft. Based on the Rogue-Lite profile, the XPD features a more beefed-up construction for rigorous use on flat water and lakes through Class II, yet packs down to the size of a large sleeping bag. MSRP is $749.

The existing packrafts – Rogues, Rogue Lites, Nirvanas and Twain – have refreshed logos and are moving to a more rugged floor material. The Recon remains the same.

The 2020 products should be available in late March. For more details, see our 2020 Kokopelli Inflatable Packraft Product Line – What’s New.

NRS/Star Inflatables

Several models in the NRS/Star Inflatables line will continue unchanged, including the Raven, Raven II and Viper.

Star Inflatables Paragon KayakThe open-design 2019 Paragon series has been revamped to be more “recreational touring” friendly. The mesh, self-bailing ports have been removed, and the kayaks now feature foot pegs. The three Paragon high-pressure products include the Paragon, Paragon XL and the Paragon Tandem at 11’2 (blue or lime); 13’6 (blue or red) and 15 feet (blue or red) respectively. Prices are $895, $995 and $1095 respectively. The new Paragons should be available in early 2020.

Star Inflatable Viper XL Whitewater Kayak

NRS is also introducing the Viper XL, a high-pressure, whitewater kayak with eight more inches in length and an aggressive rocker design. The STAR Viper XL Inflatable Kayak is built for bigger paddlers looking for an inflatable that can ride over waves, punch through holes, surf and ferry like a hard-shell. MSRP $1095.

Red Paddle Co

For 2020, Red Paddle Company raises the bar by offering an unheard-of 5 year warranty on all 2020 Red Paddle boards (with product registration).

2020 Red Paddle Sport 11-3 Limited Edition Inflatable SUP

The 2020 product line continues with 24 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10″ to to 22’0″. This includes the introduction of one new limited edition color scheme with the Sport 11’3, revamped graphics unifying the product line appearance while keeping subtle differentiations between paddling categories, and added features on several of the models. Prices are remaining the same.

The Red Paddle Co 2020 product line is now in stock. For further details, also see our article 2020 Red Paddle Company Inflatable SUP Boards – What’s New.

Looking to save some money? Many of the past season models – including Aquaglide, Red Paddle Co, Innova and Kokopelli – are on sale from 15% to 25% off. See details in our AirKayaks Closeout Section or our Specials and Promos page. You can also contact us to get on the notification list.

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