Sneak Preview: Moki and Moki-Lite 6PSI Inflatable Kayaks from Kokopelli Packraft

We recently received a pre-production version of Kokopelli’s newest model, the Moki-Lite high-pressure inflatable kayak. The 10’3″ Moki-Lite is one of two crossover kayaks introduced by Kokopelli, joining the longer 13′ Moki for the 2020 paddling season.

Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak

Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. of Denver, Colorado entered the packraft market in 2014, beginning with a handful of models. This year’s lineup consists of five packraft models – Nirvana Self-Bailing, Nirvana Spray Deck, Twain tandem, Rogue and Rogue-Lite – weighing from 5.4 to 14 lbs – as well as their beefier PVC series – the Recon and new XPD (see our Sneak Preview on the XPD which currently is featured in a Kickstarter campaign). Both PVC models are geared towards more rugged use and weigh-in at 13 to 18 lbs.

Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak

The new Moki Series fill in a gap in the Kokopelli product line. We were able to test out a sample of both kayaks – the Moki-Lite a few weeks ago and the Moki last fall.

Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak

Our first take on the Moki-Lite? It fills a niche for recreational flatwater paddling that is portable, feature-rich and fun to paddle. It’s rugged, simple to set up, easy to get into, lightweight and zippy.

EVA Form-Fitting Seat

Features include a dropstitch floor, push-push valves, removable tracking fin, adjustable foot brace, extremely comfortable EVA seat with storage, bungee deck-lacing, paddle holders and d-rings for attaching gear.  The Moki-Lite features a 6 PSI high-pressure floor with 3 PSI side tubes. At less than 10 minutes to set up, the launch time can be cut in half by utilizing Kokopelli’s optional new Feather pump for initial inflation.

Kokopelli's Dual Action Nano PumpGraphics look good and the complete package is well-thought out, from an easily installed fin to the very nifty included pump. The Nano pump is a slim-barrel, dual-action pump with gauge, but was so easy to use in double-action mode that I didn’t try it in single action. The pump body is small, and features fold-up feet and screw-off handles, making it very easy to store.

At 26 lbs for the kayak and seat, it’s easily carried with the included wheeled backpack. We measured the kayak at 10’3″ in length, 32″ in width with a 15-inch interior. MSRP for the Moki-Lite Package is $699 with pump, gauge and backpack.

Kokopelli Moki Inflatable Kayak

Large paddlers, or those needing more enclosed options, may be interested in Kokopelli’s other new model, the Moki, (shown above) a slightly larger version with the ability to use an optional zip-on deck with coaming for more enclosure or an optional spray skirt.

Moki on the water

Just like the Moki-Lite, the Moki is easy to set up, tracks well, and is fun to paddle.  Features also include a dropstitch floor, open cockpit design, HR military valves, tracking fin, integrated bungee deck-lacing and storage areas. The Moki also comes with Kokopelli’s Nano Pump with gauge, and wheeled backpack. The Moki measures 12 feet by 37 inches, weighs in at 32 lbs with a 500 lb payload. MSRP is $799 for the kayak and $149.95 for the spraydeck.

See the rest of the Kokopelli product line for 2020 on our WordPress blog.

Kokopelli Inflatable Packrafts

We also have a limited amount of past season 2019 Kokopelli Packraft models at 15% off, with prices as low as $699. Most of the 2020 Kokopelli models are currently available at – the Moki-Lite is scheduled for early May. Need more info? Feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 707-998-0135.

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