2021 Red Paddle Company Inflatable SUP Boards – What’s New

We recently received details on Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP lineup being introduced for 2021. Red Paddle Company inflatable boards are well-known throughout the world for their ruggedness, innovation and performance – each Red board is the result of rigorous quality assurance during the 72 hours of build time. Red Paddle Co’s private board facility is touted to be completely waste free with all materials being reused or recycled.

2021 Red Paddle Co SUP Lineup

Throughout the past 13 years, Red Paddle Co has been the industry leader, racking up numerous awards throughout the product line, including Gear of the Year from Outside, Men’s Journal and Backpacker magazines. Innovative features include the game-changing Titan dual action pump, Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion material technology, Rocker Side Stiffening (RSS) system, the Forward Flex Control (FFC) nose rod on the racing boards and the Compact low-profile boards.

Rolling up the compact

In 2020, Red Paddle Company raised the bar by offering an unheard-of 5 year warranty on all Red Paddle boards (with product registration), the result of the Red Paddle TEC quality assurance program. They also introduced the Compact Sport 11. Like it’s smaller sibling the Compact 9’6″, the Sport Compact rolls up to half the size of a standard inflatable paddle board, perfect for larger paddlers.

2021 Red Paddle Pre-Orders

Red Paddle’s philosophy? If you plan on taking to the water on an inflatable board then you need a super durable board that is up for the challenge. And if you haven’t seen them, the Red Paddle endurance videos – pitting Red Paddle boards against teens, dogs, tractors, big rigs, martial arts and more – are definitely a testament to durability.

The 2021 Red Paddle Co product line continues with 20 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10″ to to 22’0.″ This includes revamped graphics unifying the product line appearance while keeping subtle differentiations between paddling categories, as well as added features on many models. Three models have been retired and one reinvented. Prices are remaining the same.

Across the line, several new features have popped up.

Flat Bungee Deck Lacing System

The standard bungee deck lacing has been replaced with a cleaner-looking, self-closing, flat bungee system with 6-point attachment. The straps are now larger, creating more tension which helps your gear stay in place.

Exteneded deck pads

The deck pads have been extended and now wrap slightly around the board edge. This increases the grip and gives a cleaner look.

Tubular Ergonomic Carrying Handles

Carrying handles are now tubular, making them more ergonomic, easier to grip and more comfortable.

RSS Side BattensOn boards featuring the RSS Rocker Stiffening System – Ride 9-8, Sports, single Voyagers, Elites, Dragon and Whip – the fiberglass battens have been remodeled. Now in a day-glo orange color scheme (so they are easy to find), the battens are constructed from a recyclable polycarbonate that is durable and can be easily coiled. This ensures that the battens don’t break if someone attempts to roll the board up without removing the battens. This also makes them slightly easier to install; instead of pushing the entire length of batten into the pockets, one grabs the batten near the pocket and gives short pushes.

Titan 2 Pump

The Titan pump (see details below) has undergone a major upgrade to become the Titan 2 pump and is included with all 2021 Red Paddle boards.

Other innovative features are applicable to individual models and will be outlined below.

2021 Red Paddle Co Ride All-Round Series

2021 Red Paddle Co RidesThe Red Paddle Co 2021 recreational line encompasses all-round paddling for a wide variety of paddler sizes and water conditions, beginning with the best-selling Ride “all-around use” trio – the Ride 9’8″, the Ride 10’6″ (also in a Special Edition model, ) and the Ride 10’8″. The big boy “party animal” – the 17 foot Ride XL – is for multi-paddlers. The 14-ft Ride L has been retired.

Twin Fin System on Rides

Besides unifying graphic facelifts, the flat bungee system, tubular handles and extended deck pads, the most noticeable change to the Rides is the move from an integrated three fin design to two. While the new fins are slightly larger than the older (6 inch base with 4.5 inch height) the redesign makes the boards more playful with better tracking, as well as making them easier to roll up. The Ride XL fins remain the same as 2020, with four fins.

Prices remain the same for 2021 at $1199, $1299 and $1349 for the trio and $3299 for the big guy. The 3 smaller Rides will be available in the second half of October 2020 while the Ride XL will debut in March 2021.

Ride 10-6 Package

A new Ride 10-6 Package has been added to the product line. For an additional $100 (package price of $1399) the Ride 10-6 comes complete with Red Paddle Alloy breakdown paddle ($139 value) and a coiled leash ($49 value). This is only in the blue color, and will be available in late November, 2020.

2021 Red Paddle Co Sport “Glide” Series

2021 Red Paddle Co Sport LineupThe “glide series” consisting of the three Sport models -the Sport 11, Sport 11’3 (also available in a Special Edition model) and Sport 12’6– are rapidly becoming the SUP of choice for flat water paddling. This series has undergone the same cosmetic facelift with flat bungee system, new battens, tubular handles and expanded deck pads.

Sport Speed Tail water disruptor

Biggest news is a new Sport Speed Tail water disrupter on the underside which improves water run-off, making them more efficient to paddle.

The board silhouette has been slightly redesigned with the nose and tail outlines softened from the original squared-off shape. The fins and boxes remain the same.

Prices also remain the same at $1449, $1499 and $1599 respectively. The Sport 11’0″ and the 11’3″s  will be available in the second half of October 2020, while the Sport 12’6 will arrive late November, 2020.

Sport 11-3 package

The Sport series now includes a new Sport 11-3 “complete package” available only in the blue color. For an additional $129 (package price of $1629) the Sport 11-3 comes complete with a Red Paddle Carbon 50/Nylon breakdown paddle ($179 value) and a coiled leash ($49 value). This package will be available in late November.

2021 Red Paddle Co Voyager Touring Series

2021 Red Paddle Co Voyager Lineup

The Red Paddle touring series continues with three models – the Voyager 12’6″, Voyager 13’2 and fifteen foot Voyager Tandem. These three have undergone distinctive graphic and color redesigns along with the extended deck pads, tubular handles, updated battens and flat bungee lacing on the nose.

V-Hull Water Displacement

The biggest change is a new v-hull water displacement system to the underside of the nose in the two smaller models. The sculpted bottom breaks the surface tension of the water, increasing glide and enhancing tracking, allowing paddling to be more efficient.

Concave cargo spaace on Voyager

By removing dropstitch material in this location to incorporate the displacement system, the hull upper also becomes slightly concave, increasing luggage capacity and allowing for better seating of gear.

Relocated handles on Voyagers

The side carry handles have been moved up slightly so as not to get in the way of the paddler.

Rear 6-Point Attachment System on Voyagers

Rear cargo area includes the new 6-point attachment system, but not the lacing.

Dual Fin System on Voyagers

The 2021 Voyager 12-6 and 13-2 now sport a twin fin system. Two US fin boxes with shorter 8″ custom red fins allow paddlers to maneuver through shallower waters. The dual system also provides more traction as well as stability when loading up gear.

There are relatively no changes to the Voyager Tandem except for the graphics redesign, flat bungee system and extended deck pads.

Prices remain the same at $1599, $1649 and $1999 respectively. The Voyager 12’6″ and 13’2″ series will be available in the second half of October 2020, while the Voyager Tandem will be available in March 2021.

2021 Red Paddle Co Compact “Packable” Series

2021 Red Paddle Co Compact LineupThe Compact Package Series – consisting of the Compact 9’6″ and the Sport 11’0″ Compact – have undergone graphic changes and include the extended deck pad and flat bungee system.

Compact Click Fins

The Twin Click Fin system now has an updated fin box and click fins with enhanced securing system, minimizing the chance for loss. The box has been moved slightly to make it easier to roll up.

The board prices remain the same at $1899 and $1999 respectively. Both will be available in the second half of October, 2020.

2021 Red Paddle Co Specialty Boards

2021 Red Paddle Specialty Boards

Included in the Specialty Series are five models featuring the current Whip 8’10″ surfer, the Snapper 9’4″ youth model, the 10’7″ WindSurf and the Activ 10’8″ yoga fitness model. The Wild 9’6″ downriver/whitewater board has been totally transformed into the Wild 11’0″, while the Wind 10-7 has been retired.

Each of these models sport extended deck pads, graphic design and color updates; the flat bungee system is only on the Wild and Snapper.

Like the Ride models, the Snapper 9’4″ and Activ 10’8″ moved from an integrated three fin design to two. The slightly larger fins make the boards more playful with better tracking, as well as easier to roll up.

All models retain the same pricing for 2021 with the prices running $1199, $1349, $1049 for the Whip, Activ and Snapper respectively. The Wild 11 and WindSurf 10’7” also remain the same at $1399 and $1599. The specialty boards will be available in March 2021.

2021 Red Paddle Co Race Series

2021 Red Paddle Race Boards

The 2021 racing series consists of three models – the Elite (in two lengths) and the multi-paddler 22-foot Dragon. The Max Race has been retired, leaving the Snapper as the only junior board in the lineup.

Besides graphic/cosmetic redesigns, the two Elites now come in just one width; the Elite 12-6 features a 28 inch width while the Elite 14-0 has a 27 inch width. All models have virtually no changes, except for the Dragon 22’0″ which sports redesigned graphics more in keeping with the other race boards. Prices remain at $1599 and $1699 for both Elites and $2499 for the Dragon. The race boards will be available in March 2021.

2021 Red Paddle Co Titan 2 Pump and Accessories

All boards now come with the new Titan 2 Pump, with the three larger boards – Ride XL, Dragon and Tandem, coming with two Titan 2 pumps. The All Terrain Roller Backpack comes with most boards – the two smaller Snapper and Whip boards come with the standard backpack while the two largest – Dragon and Ride XL – come with a carrying tarp.

Titan 2 Side View

In the accessories line, the Titan pump touts the biggest changes, reinventing itself as the Titan II. While the pump still features a dual action mode with multiple adaptors, the hose connection has been redesigned with the same adaptor on each end – no matter which side you pick up, it will connect with the board or the pump with a twist on adaptor. This eliminates some of the threading problems associated with the screw-on fitting by the pump handle.

Titan 2 Pump Folded

The pump was made more compact, allowing it to be rolled more easily inside the board. This was accomplished with removable handles that have a “nesting spot” on the side of the pump base, and fold up feet. The gauge now sits down in the pump for greater protection.

Integrated Pressure Gauge

Other improvements include a left/right switch to move from double to single action, rather than the original plug system. The pumping angle has been changed slightly for a more ergonomic stance. The pump itself is slightly taller than the original Titan, thus providing a bit more volume with a smaller profile.

The Titan II will not be available for separate purchase in 2021, it is only available with a board purchase and will be available with all boards arriving in October 2020 and later.

2021 Red Paddle Pre-Orders

The Red Paddle Co accessory line – such as the cargo net, Schraeder valve adaptor, coiled or flatwater leashes, breakdown paddles and standalone All Terrain and Original wheeled backpacks – remain the same as well as the Red Paddle Original accessories line.

The 2021 Red Paddle Co Rides, Sports, Voyagers and Compacts are in transit, with an expected availability in the second half of October– pre-orders are being accepted. To order or for more information, visit the Red Paddle Co product pages at

Stay tuned to see our AirKayaks Guide to Choosing Your 2021 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP – coming out shortly.

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