Tahe Outdoors – New Inflatable SUPs and Kayaks for 2021

We recently received news on the upcoming TAHE Sport inflatable SUP and kayak line for 2021.

Tahe Beach 11-6 Inflatable SUP-Yak

Better known in the US under the BIC Sport name, the TAHE brand is a union of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two companies committed to water sports for decades.

Established in 1979, BIC Sport pioneered the windsurf industry, expanding into surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding, while the European-based Tahe Outdoors is one of the largest and fastest growing European manufacturers of paddle sport and kite surfing equipment.

Two years ago, the BIC Sport water line was acquired by Tahe Outdoors. BIC Sport’s board culture, manufacturing expertise and focus on family fun is now combined with Tahe Outdoors’ dedication to exploration and craftsmanship. The result is a brand focused on water fun, featuring environmentally friendly production processes, quality products at an affordable price, and investment in innovation and development.

2021 Tahe Outdoors Inflatable Kayak & SUPFor 2021, the Tahe watersports range includes an inflatable kayak and paddle board line which transitions from the 2020 BIC Sport series. While all products feature the new TAHE brand identity and look, two major categories and themes – Beach and Breeze – are used across both the inflatable kayak and paddle board lines.

The Beach series features entry-level and economically-priced SUPs and kayaks geared towards first time users, those on a budget, or those looking for casual recreational fun. The Breeze series consists of intermediate products at a slightly higher price-point, for those interested in extended touring or more features.

Both Beach and Breeze series consist of complete “get on the water” packages.

Tahe Inflatable Beach Series

Tahe Outdoors Beach SUP-YAK

The Beach Series Packages – “where adventure begins” – consists of three inflatable SUP models, three inflatable kayak models and two “crossover’packages which can do double-duty as kayak or SUP. Each package includes almost everything needed to get on the water, short of life vests.

The inflatable SUP-YAK – SUP Only Packages include the Beach 10-6, Beach 11-6 and Beach Wing 11’0.

Daisy Attachment System

The 10’6″ Beach SUP-YAK and 11-6 Beach SUP-YAK are stable, lightweight and easy to use recreational paddle boards. Each features a 6-inch thick dropstitch construction, a standard US-Fin box with 9-inch fin and an innovative Daisy Chain Attachment System encircling the deck pad, allowing you to attach accessories – such as storage gear or optional seat for sit-on-top kayaking – wherever you want.

2021 Tahe Outdoors Inflatable Beach SUP

The Beach 10-6 SUP-YAK is 34 inches wide, weighs 22 lbs and has a 300 lb payload. The longer Beach 11-6 SUP-YAK is 36 inches wide, 25 lbs in weight and has a 450 lb payload – this can easily convert to a tandem SUP by adding an optional second SUP paddle. Both boards come with a backpack, adjustable breakdown SUP paddle, ankle leash, repair kit, fin, high-pressure pump with gauge – almost everything you need to get on the water. The Beach 10-6 SUP-YAK – SUP Only Package, retails for $529.95, while the 11-6 Beach SUP-YAK- SUP Only Package sports a $559.95 price tag.

Tahe Outdoors Beach 11-6 Inflatable SUP-YAK and Kayak Kit

Both the 10’6 and 11’6 Beach are available as SUP-YAK with Kayak Kit, a crossover package with everything you need to convert into a sit-on-top kayak. Besides the SUP accessories included in the SUP-YAK option, the SUP-YAKS with Kayak Kit also include a kayak seat(s), foot brace(s) and paddle(s) which converts from SUP to kayak.

The Beach SUP-YAK with Kayak Kits are identical to the standard SUPs except they have 3 integrated tracking fins rather than the one removable deepwater fin. The 10-6 Beach SUP-YAK with kayak kit comes set up as a solo option (seat, brace and paddle), while the 11-6 Beach SUP-YAK with kayak kit comes set-up to use as a tandem (two seats, braces and paddles as shown above). Purchase price is $639.95 and $739.95 respectively.

Tahe Outdoors Beach Wing Inflatable SUP

The SUP AIR Beach Wing 11’0 Package (107203) sports a 32 inch width, weight of 23 lbs and 220 lb payload. Designed more as a pure standup paddle board, the 11’0″ Beach SUP-AIR offers a great mix between stability and glide. Features include safety ankle leash, backpack, high-pressure pump with gauge, SUP paddle, repair kit, deck bungee for gear storage, carry handles at center, tie down o-rings at nose and tail, “yoga-mat” style traction pad for comfort and grip. MSRP $529.95

Tahe Beach LP2 Inflatable Kayak

The TAHE Beach inflatable kayak series includes the Beach LP1, Beach LP2 and Beach LP3.

Tahe Outdoors Beach LP Inflatable Kayaks

The TAHE Beach LP low-pressure kayaks feature a sturdy-three chamber construction, nylon outer shell with UV resistant coating, replaceable internal PVC air bladders and a rugged tarpaulin hull for durability. A hydrodynamic hull shape and three removable fins provide improved tracking. They are easy to paddle and inflate in minutes with the included pump. The Beach LP Kayak is available in 3 sizes. The Beach 9’10 LP1 for one person is 37 inches wide with a 220 lb payload. The Beach 11′ LP2 tandem is 40 inches wide with a 330 lb payload, while the Beach 12’6 LP3 is 40 inches wide with a 507 lb carrying capacity, and is capable of carrying 2+ paddlers.

Each TAHE Beach kayak package comes replete with carrying case, pump, kayak paddle(s), seat(s), fins and repair kit. Prices are $539.95, $599.95 and $659.95, respectively.

Tahe Outdoors Breeze Inflatable SUP Package Series

Tahe Outdoors Breeze Inflatable SUP

The Breeze Series Inflatable SUP Packages consist of three models – The 10’6″ Breeze Performer, the 11’0 Breeze Wing and the 12’6 Breeze Wing. In keeping with the tagline, “Beyond the Shoreline” the Breeze SUPs are more feature-rich and performance-oriented than the Beach series, perfect for those looking for extended outings and more exploration. With a 33 inch beam, 23 lb weight and 200 lb carrying capacity, the Breeze 10-6 Performer is best for flatwater and surfing. The Breeze 11’0 Wing – with a 32 inch width, 24 lb weight and 220 lbs carrying capacity – is a great touring, recreational model. The longer 12’6 Breeze Wing – with a narrower profile of 28 inches, 24 lbs and 220 payload – will carry less gear, but is poised as a flatwater and racing cruiser. Each of the Breeze series features bungee deck lacing, a 10″ removable deepwater fin and high-pressure, dropstitch material with two stringers – one on the deck and one on the hull – for increased rigidity.

Tahe Outdoors Breeze Inflatable SUP Package

The Breeze packages come with backpack, breakdown paddle, pump, fin, repair kit and leash. Prices are $689.95, $699.95 and $749.95 respectively.

The Beach 10-6 SUP-YAK – SUP Only Package and Beach Wing 11’0 SUP-Air Package are in stock at AirKayaks. The remaining TAHE inflatable SUPS and kayaks will be arriving in late Spring, 2021SU. Visit the Tahe product pages at AirKayaks to purchase or ask to get on the notification list.

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