Advanced Elements AirVolution Dropstitch Kayaks for 2021 – What’s New

Last summer, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California introduced two exciting new kayaks as precursors to the 2021 season – the AirVolutions. What makes them so special? The AirVolution solo and AirVolution2 tandem are constructed entirely from dropstitch material. With just two inflation chambers, and inflation pressures of 10 to 12 PSI, the kayaks are extremely rigid.

AE3030 AirVolution2 on the water
Advanced Elements AirVolution2 Inflatable Kayak

The sleek new models feature heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin which offers a smooth, hydrodynamic outer skin, making them easy to dry. The wide cockpit provides easy entry and exit, while the hull has a unique V-shape that transitions to a chined hull for greater on-the-water performance.

Advanced Elments AirVolution on the water.

The kayaks were an immediate hit, and the demand outpaced the inventory – the AirVolution2 sold out by the end of summer.

Based on feedback from the intro models, Advanced Elements has tweaked the designs for 2021. The newly updated AE3029 AirVolution and AE3030 AirVolution2 tandem kayaks are enroute, with estimated availability of late March.

You can read our detailed writeups on the 2020 AirVolution solo kayak and the Airvolution2 for one or two paddlers.

Product Review: New 10-12 PSI Hi-Pressure AirVolution Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Product Review: New 10-12 PSI Hi-Pressure AirVolution2 Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

So what’s new on the AirVolutions for 2021?

Inflatable foot brace

Both models now come with an inflatable foot brace

For the AE3030, this will only be used in tandem mode for the front paddler.

Updated 2021 Advanced Elements AirVolution2
2021 Advanced Elements Air Volution2 now comes with foot brace

Seat Improvements

The backrest is now stiffer and more supportive. Additionally, the adjustment straps have been shortened up and cleaned up. The webbing ends have been better melted to prevent fraying, and folded and bar-tacked for a cleaner finish.

New d-ring placement

Seat d-ring locations

The d-rings on the floor have been moved forward a few inches and also relocated to the sidewall of the cockpit. A new d-ring has been added to the front of the cockpit for clipping an additional item such as a water bottle, etc.

The Pressure Relief Valve rating has been lowered from 19 to 14 PSI, and the ring around the PRV reflects this.

New valve and pressure relief placement

Valve Location and Drain Well

The valve locations were flipped so that they are now on the same side, with the inflation valves on the left and Pressure Relief Valves on the right. This makes it easier to push out air when folding.

Finishing details on the bungee cord
Advanced Elements AirVolution Deck Bungee Improvements

The deck bungee now sports heat-shrink material for a cleaner look.

Bravo Dual Action Hand Pump

The pump was transitioned to a rugged Bravo dual-stage pump.

New 12-Volt Battery operated pump

Bonus Accessories

Each of the kayak packages now includes a 12-volt, low-pressure battery operated inflator. The pump runs on 4 D-Cells (not included). While the pump does not have enough power to pressurize the kayak, it will rapidly fill out the body, saving physical pumping time and effort. The Bravo dual-action pump can then be used to get it to correct pressures.

The AE3029 AirVolution also had the valves relocated; they are now behind the seat, closer together and out of the way. The drain well was also moved forward 4 inches.

Each of these are detailed in the new instruction manual, which can be downloaded here.

Weights and dimensions remain the same, but the prices have increased due to tariffs. The AirVolution AE3029 single is $1199 while the AE3030 Airvolution2 for one or two paddlers in $1499. The new models will be arriving mid-March and can be purchased at

AE3029 Advanced Elements AirVolution Inflatable Kayak

AE3030 Advanced Elements AirVolution2 Inflatable Kayak

AirKayaks also has a limited amount of 2020 Past Season AE3029 AirVolutions at $899 – while supplies last!

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