TAHE Sport Beach LP1 – an Airkayaks Preview

The Tahe Sport Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak is a prime choice for an entry level Kayak package - it looks good, comes with nearly everything you need to get on the water (short of a PFD) and is a great price. The seat will be comfortable and adjustable for a wide range of paddlers, from 4'10" to 6'6" as well as varying water scenarios.

For 2021 Airkayaks added the TAHE Sport line of inflatable kayaks (including the Tahe Sport Beach LP1) and SUPs to our catalog to provide more choices for our customers in the $500-$700 range.

TAHE Sport Beach LP1, LP2, and LP3 Inflatable Kayaks

We tested out the TAHE Sport SUPs on GoAirkayaks, and we are huge fans of the value they deliver. The SUPs immediately became best sellers on We jumped at the opportunity to preview a pre-production TAHE Sport Beach LP1 inflatable kayak.

Better known in the US under the BIC Sport name, the TAHE brand is a union of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors.

Established in 1979, BIC Sport pioneered the windsurf industry, expanding into surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding, while the European-based Tahe is one of the largest and fastest growing European manufacturers of paddle sport and kite surfing equipment.

Two years ago, the BIC Sport water line was acquired by Tahe resulting in a brand focused on water fun, featuring environmentally-friendly production processes and quality products at an affordable price. Check our guide to the TAHE Sport inflatable SUP and kayak line for 2021.

Our keywords for the TAHE Sport Beach LP1 are easy, light, and fun.

Tahe Sport Beach LP1 inflatable kayak in Backpack

The Beach LP1 is TAHE Sport’s entry point inflatable kayak, priced at $539 “ready for the water”.

A pump, paddle, and comfortable carrying backpack are included, you just need to get to the nearest lake and you’re kayaking!

Box dimensions are 32 x 9.5 x 19.25 x 28lbs.

Getting started

Inside the box is the kayak, backpack, high-pressure dual action pump with gauge, cinch belt, quick-start instructions, repair kit, three shallow water fins, and four piece 230 cm breakdown paddle. Once rolled up, the kayak, pump, paddle and leash fit in the bag and on the bag easily, although there will not be much room for extra gear. The backpack’s compact size was impressive, being half the size of the TAHE SUP bags. Weight is 22 lbs for the kayak, 2 lbs for the bag, 2.375 lbs for the pump/gauge, 0.6 lbs each for the fin, 1.7 lbs for the seat and 2.7 lbs for the paddle. Everything in the bag weighs 33 lbs. and all easily fit in the back of a small car.

Unpacking the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak

First step, unpack and unroll the kayak, laying it top up so you access the three valves. Tahe has used Boston Valves which are easy to use with the included pump friction fitting.

AirKayak’s Pro – Tip #1: No matter how excited you are, take a good look at how the kayak is folded so that you can get it back into the carrying case.

Pumping up the TAHE Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak

Inflating the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak

The included pump is a double action (inflates on the up and down stroke) with pressure gauge.

Please connect the pump hose to INFLATE – not DEFLATE

Note – the kayak will need to be fairly filled out before the gauge starts to read and it will only read on the up/down stroke.

The floor inflates to 1 PSI in about 25 pumps, and each side wall will inflate to 1-1.5 PSI in about the same number of pumps.

The TAHE Beach LP1 is easy to inflate, about 75 pumps and done! Now to attach the fins.

Attaching the Fins

The Tahe Beach LP1 comes with three shallow water fins (5″). Each fin slot includes a slide in key to lock the fin into place. A nice touch from TAHE as this is one of the most common customer service calls we receive at Airkayaks. Where can I get a replacement Fin or Fin Key?

Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Shallow Water fins

The one “Gotcha”

Make sure you plug the drain hole – it is not advertised on the Tahe Sport site but it is there.

How easy is it to tote around?

This kayak is very light – it weighs in at about 22 lbs. In addition it has 4 handles located at the bow, stern and both sides on center. Additionally, when this kayak is inflated, it has some give to it due to the low pressure floor, this means it will be easy for most to pick up, even our smaller sized kayakers!

Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Stern Handle

Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Construction

Tahe Beach LPI Inflatable Kayak Construction

1- Nylon skin with highly resistant PU coating.

2- PVC bladder.

3- Heavy duty abrasion-resistant hull skin

Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Hull Skin is a nice light blue and dark blue two tone color scheme

Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Key features

  • 3-Chamber Construction for rigidity, stability and safety.
  • Durable outer nylon shell with UV resistant coating.
  • Replaceable Internal PVC Air Bladders.
  • Rugged Tarpaulin hull for durability.
  • Fast and Easy inflation / deflation.
Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak Rugged Hull

Airkayaks feels this kayak’s easy inflation and deflation is its homerun feature. This kayak was so easy to get in and out of the water, it will be great for a beginner, someone who just wants to get out on the lake for an afternoon of fun, and a curveball for our readers, this kayak and its bigger sibling the LP2, would make a great dingy for your boat.

Additional Gear storage

Rear deck bungees are included which provide 10×18 inches of storage space.

In addition to the carrying bungees, Tahe has included ample storage in the kayak, with 34 inches behind the seat in center position, as well as enough room in the front of the kayak for this 6’3″ 200 lb tester to put multiple dry bags worth of gear.

It would also be easy to bundle up your pump and backpack to pack with you for a day of adventure.

It fits in a car easily at 16 x 28 x 10″ when rolled into the bag.

The TAHE Beach LP1 includes all the accessories you need to get on the water

The pump is a double action (inflates on the up and down stroke, and includes a Pressure Gauge, it only comes with two valve adapters (one for kayak Boston valves, and one for smaller seat Boston valve). It measures 20 x 9 with the hose installed. The hose is 54 inches long.

Three fins are included and they are 5″ shallow water fins.

The paddle included with my pre-production version came in at 234 cm long, aluminum shaft with a right grip pad. The blades were orange nylon. If our instincts are correct, production units will come with a paddle very similar to TAHE SUP-YAK 10-6 and 11-6 Kayak Version.

Actual Specifications versus Manufacturer Specifications

The kayak came in exactly at manufacturer specifications for length (9’10”) and width (37″).

The interior space measured 62″ long for seating, and 18″ wide, however due to the design of the bladders, this will expand a bit for larger kayakers (like me)!

About the seat

We found the seat to be quite comfortable, as it came in with a little more height (cushion) for our 200 lb body. Inflating it with the included adapter took 6 pumps to fill out. It velcros right into the floor, and there are 2 nylon strap attachments on each bladder to keep the back fixed in upright position. One note is I would like to see Tahe include some carabiners to make attaching gear easier in ALL of their kayaks / SUPs.

Tahe Sports Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak On the Water

First of all, this is a nice-looking package – pump, paddle, kayak and carrying bag. Blue is my favorite color and our research shows that it is the best selling color on al kayaks. I took it out on a calm, slightly cloudy day.

Putting the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak thru the paces

Tracking would be rated at slightly below average, however this could be changed with an aftermarket deeper fin. See my “wag the dog” action in the following video. One way to help the boat track is to load the front with a bit more weight. This will keep it in the water and eliminate some of the “wig wag”.

Tahe Beach LP1 – Wag the Dog

The kayak was very stable and comfortable paddling, but it was not a speed demon and it is not designed to be. This kayak is aimed at beginners and lake / river recreational paddlers. If you are looking for a more performance oriented kayak, we would suggest something in the Advanced Elements line.

For the kayaker who wants an budget friendly – easy – fun day out on the water – the Tahe Beach LP1 is where I would start and possibly end my search.

Tahe Sports Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak: Packing It Up

Packing up is pretty simple. First, remove the fins. Then remove the seat. The Boston valves can be unscrewed so that the air will whoosh right out. We were able to fit it into the backpack with ease by folding it in half, then 8 folds.

The Backpack

With overall dimensions 16 x 28 x 10″ the backpack is super compact and light. This would not only fit into a small car, but would be packable on a flight.

The Beach LP1 easily rolls up into the included backpack – which can house the pump, fins and breakdown paddle, making it a great inflatable for traveling or for heading into the back country.

Bottom line on the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak

Note – we reviewed a pre-production LP1 – some features and details may change

The Tahe Sport Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak is a prime choice for an entry level Kayak package – it looks good, comes with nearly everything you need to get on the water (short of a PFD) and is a great price. The seat will be comfortable and adjustable for a wide range of paddlers, from 4’10” to 6’6″ as well as varying water scenarios. The rated max load is 220 lbs, so larger paddles may want to select the LP2 and use it in a 1 person configuration.

At 22 lbs (33lbs with everything in the bag), the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak is lightweight, very simple to set up, paddles well and glides nicely.

Airkayaks believes the secret to the Tahe Beach LP1 lies in just how easy, and how fast you can get the kayak on the water. At 3 minutes or 75 pumps, your friends will still be pumping while you are on the lake.

Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak

The Tahe Beach LP1 is a good all-around kayak – ideal for recreational lake, slow-moving rivers, bays and inlets.

Best of all, it’s economical. At $539.95, the Tahe Beach LP1 Inflatable Kayak is an excellent choice for a family or adult wanting versatility as the Beach LP1 can be enjoyed by all ages, children to adults.

Larger paddlers – or those wanting to bring more gear or another paddler – should take a gander at the Beach LP2 for 2 paddlers with a 330 lb payload and $599.95 price tag. The Beach LP3 for 2+ paddlers is the largest of the series, is 12’6″ long with a 500 lb payload, and a $659.95 price tag.

For more info, or to purchase a Beach LP1

Airkayaks expects to ship Beach LP1’s in early June – Sign up for our notification list.

Visit the Tahe Sport Beach LP1 product page on You can also read our blog on the 2021 Tahe Inflatable SUP and Kayak Product Line Up.

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