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2022 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Boards – What’s New

2022 Red Paddle Co Range Highlights:

2 New Boards – 12′ Compact, and 12′ VoyagerRedesigned Compact LineUpgraded Carry Bag on most modelsNew Paddle DesignsUpgraded Bungee system on most boards

Kyle McKinney –

We recently received details on the 2022 Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP lineup. Red Paddle Company inflatable boards are well-known throughout the world for their ruggedness, innovation and performance – each Red board is the result of rigorous quality assurance during the 72 hours of build time. Red Paddle Co’s private board facility is touted to be completely waste free with all materials being reused or recycled.

2022 Red Paddle Co Range Highlights

  • 2 New Boards – 12′ Compact, and 12′ Voyager
  • Redesigned Compact Line
  • Upgraded Carry Bag on all models*
  • New Paddle Designs
  • Upgraded Bungee system on all applicable boards

About Red Paddle Co

Throughout the past 14 years, Red Paddle Co has been the industry leader, racking up numerous awards throughout the product line, including Gear of the Year from Outside, Men’s Journal and Backpacker magazines. Innovative features include the game-changing Titan dual action pump, Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion material technology, Rocker Side Stiffening (RSS) system, the Forward Flex Control (FFC) nose rod on the racing boards and the Compact low-profile boards.

Red Paddle’s philosophy? If you plan on taking to the water on an inflatable board then you need a super durable board that is up for the challenge. And if you haven’t seen them, the Red Paddle endurance videos – pitting Red Paddle boards against teens, dogs, tractors, big rigs, martial arts and more – are definitely a testament to durability.

Predictions for 2022 Hit Features

In each year, Red always seems to surprise with a homerun new feature or board in every year, In 2020, Red Paddle Company raised the bar by offering an unheard-of 5 year warranty on all Red Paddle boards (with product registration), the result of the Red Paddle TEC quality assurance program. For 2021, they redesigned the Titan pump into the best in class Titan 2 pump (easily the best included pump offered with any SUP on market). This model year – 2022, we expect the hit to be the redesigned ATB (All Terrain Bag) Transformer Bag.

2022 Red Paddle Co ATB Transformer Board Bag

Brand-new for 2022 and exclusively available with 2022 boards is the ATB Transformer Bag. Its not just a highly engineered adjustable and ergonomic paddle board bag but also a revolutionary bag-less carry system that has been designed with all paddle boarders in mind.

For adventurers, you can now go further and access more remote waterways without the need of a heavy bulky bag. Inflating your board at more remote waterways (previously inaccessible with an inflated or rigid board) is now a real possibility.
Equally as perfect for families, it’s now easier, quicker and more convenient to pack up your kit after a long day at the beach.

This is included on all boards EXCEPT the Dragon and Ride XL.

At Airkayaks, we have always found the Red Paddle Co bags to be top notch, the new stripped back version looks promising for those trying to shed some weight on their journey to the water.

2022 Red Paddle Co SUP Adjustable Bungee System

The new Lay Flat Adjustable Bungee system will secure all types of gear across all boards with this feature. How will is secure more gear- this new design creates extra tension, safely securing all your gear to the board, so you can paddle with confidence.

Included with: Ride Series, Sport Series, Compact Series, and Voyager Series.

The Specialty boards, Elite Boards, and Multi-Person Boards do not have this feature.

New Paddle Designs

For 2022, Red has upped their game with all new paddle designs. This year there are four key improvements.

  • Paddle Colorways will match your board
    • The Hybrid, Hybrid Tough, Prime Tough and Prime Lightweight SUP Paddles are available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board.
  • Interference Fit Hardware
    • All paddles are now composed of non-glued components, meaning all pieces are now replicable, and recyclable.
  • Leash Connection System
    • Designed to keep your blade and mid section tethered together to make set up easier.
  • Anti Twist clamp
    • Redesigned so that it has only one bolt and improved feel to the clamp, extra design in the molding to up premium feel.

New Valve Design – Integrated with Deckpad

Most models will have an upgrade to the Valve design which puts it flush to almost inset with the EVA Deckpad. This gives a smooth surface at the rear of the board.

Whats new on the Ride Range?

The Ride’s stayed basically the same as 2021, plus the added features to the whole range. These boards are so popular, they sold out each time we received them in 2021 within 1 week of receipt at Airkayaks.

NEW: They come with the ATB Bag.

SAME: They maintain their twin fin design.

NEW: They now have the new valve design.

SAME: They have a extended deck pad.

NEW: Adjustable Bungee System

UPDATE: Paddle Design Change on the Packages.

ModelLengthWidthWeight CapacityBoard Kit PricePackage Price
9-8 Ride9’8″31″198 lbs$1299
10-6 Ride10’6″32″220 lbs$1399$1499
10-6 Ride SE (Purple)10’6″32″220 lbs$1399$1499
10-8 Ride10’8″34″265 lbs$1449
Package Adds Paddle and Leash

Whats New on the Compact Boards?

Split Deck Pad – new aesthetics and function which allows the board to fold on the hinge, making it easier to fold and roll away to a super small package. This also allows water to run off more effectively and improves the ‘packability’ of the board.

New 12-0 Compact iSUP – new for 2022, the 12′ long x 32″ wide Compact is based on the Voyager and provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. The incresed length makes the board perfect for those that are looking to travel and explore the world wit their SUP. The shape is more drawn out which increases glide. This might possibly be the best ‘travel’ board on the market. Stay tuned for an Airkayaks Review when they land!

The Compact Bags are redesigned as well.

ModelLengthWidthWeight CapacityBoard Kit Price
9-6 Compact9’6″32″200 lbs$1999
11 Compact11′32″240 lbs$2099
12 Compact (NEW)12′32″265 lbs$2199

Whats New on the Voyager Boards?

New 12-0 Voyager Board – A new addition to the range for 2022, the 12’0 long by 28″ wide Voyager has been designed with a more petite paddler in mind. The length and thickness make it an ideal board for longer adventures and lighter paddlers. You can easily pack all your kit on the front while you paddle.

Valve Integrated to Deckpad – a new feature in almost all models.

Upgraded Adjustable Bungees – a new feature in almost all models.

New ATB Bag – a new feature in almost all models.

ModelLengthWidthWeight CapacityBoard Kit Price
12-0 Voyager (NEW)12′28″240 lbs$1649
12-6 Voyager12’6″32″330 lbs$1699
13-2 Voyager13′ 2″30″330 lbs$1749
The new 12-0 Voyager is perfect for smaller paddlers looking for a go anywhere, do anything touring / expedition board

Whats New on the Sport Series Boards?

New: New ATB Bag, Bungee System Upgrade, Upgraded Valve, Paddle for Package Editions

Same: Hull Profiles, Orange Battens, Single Fin Design, same deckpad Colorways, Speed Tail Feature.

ModelLengthWidthBoard PricePackage Price
11-0 Sport11′30″$1549
11-0 Sport SE (Purple)11′30″$1549
11-3 Sport11′ 3″32″$1599$1749
11-3 Sport SE (Purple)11’3″32″$1599$1749
12-6 Sport12’6″30″$1699
Packages Come with Paddle, and Leash, + Board Kit, Board Kits come with Bag, Board, Pump and Repair Kit

The Speed Tail Feature Explained

Carried over from 2021 is a Sport Speed Tail water disrupter on the underside which improves water run-off, making them more efficient to paddle.

The 2022 Specialty Range

2021 Red Paddle Specialty Boards

Included in the Specialty Series are five models featuring the current Whip 8’10″ surfer, the Snapper 9’4″ youth model, the 10’7″ WindSurf and the Activ 10’8″ yoga fitness model.

Each of these models sport extended deck pads, maintain the same graphic design and colorways from 2021; the flat bungee system is only on the Wild and Snapper, where the Snapper has the new Adjustable Bungee System .

Like the Ride models, the Snapper 9’4″ and Activ 10’8″ use a two fin design. The slightly larger fins make the boards more playful with better tracking, as well as easier to roll up.

ModelLengthWidthBest UseBoard Price
8-10 Whip8’10”29″Surfing$1299
9-4 Snapper9’4″27″Kids$1149
10-7 Windsurf10’7″33″Windsurfing$1749
10-8 Activ 10’8″34″Yoga$1499
11-0 Wild11″34″Whitewater$1549
All Specialist Boards Require purchase of a paddle and leash.

Whats new on the Racing Series? Raised Rails on the Elite Boards

New on both Elite boards are raised rails. These have been designed to allow the rider to dig their feet into the the rails of the board. This will give a grounded stance meaning more energy can be channeled into each stroke equaling allow a more powerful and quicker paddle stroke.

ModelLengthWidthWeight CapacityBoard Kit Price
12-6 Elite12’6″28″265 lbs$1699
14 Elite14″27″265 lbs$1799

Red Paddle Co 2022- Whats New Cheat Sheet

2022 Red Paddle Co Titan 2 Pump and Accessories

All boards now come with the new Titan 2 Pump, with the three larger boards – Ride XL, Dragon and Tandem, coming with two Titan 2 pumps. The new All Terrain Transformer Roller Backpack comes with most boards – the two smaller Snapper and Whip boards come with the standard backpack while the two largest – Dragon and Ride XL – come with a carrying tarp.

Titan 2 Side View

In the accessories line, the Titan II is a carryover from 2021. It is such a nice pump we are repeating our write-up from the 2021 introduction: While the pump still features a dual action mode with multiple adaptors, the hose connection has been redesigned with the same adaptor on each end – no matter which side you pick up, it will connect with the board or the pump with a twist on adaptor. This eliminates some of the threading problems associated with the screw-on fitting by the pump handle.

Titan 2 Pump Folded

The pump was made more compact, allowing it to be rolled more easily inside the board. This was accomplished with removable handles that have a “nesting spot” on the side of the pump base, and fold up feet. The gauge now sits down in the pump for greater protection.

Integrated Pressure Gauge

Other improvements include a left/right switch to move from double to single action, rather than the original plug system. The pumping angle has been changed slightly for a more ergonomic stance. The pump itself is slightly taller than the original Titan, thus providing a bit more volume with a smaller profile.

The Titan II will be available for separate purchase in 2022.

The Red Paddle Co accessory line – such as the cargo net, Schraeder valve adaptor, coiled or flatwater leashes, breakdown paddles will be available at Airkayaks.

The 2022 Red Paddle Co RidesSportsVoyagers and Compacts are in transit, with an expected availability in late November / early December– pre-orders are being accepted. To order or for more information, visit the Red Paddle Co product pages at

Stay tuned to see our AirKayaks Guide to Choosing Your 2021 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP – coming out shortly.

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